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Selling And Promoting On Social Media Is On The Rise But Don’t Forget About The Power Of Google!

Facebook The Saviour of Small Businesses (or is it?) 

You more and more often hear of Facebook being the first and last answer in promoting your small (or large) business. There are countless blogs of the value of Facebook Pages for your product, service or company and how you can gather loyal followers who will log on and be bombarded with pictures, videos, images and offers of your fantastic services and products.

Sounds great, doesn’t it, surely there can’t be a downside at all to this? But what do you need to do to get these followers, the simple answer is pay!

What’s more it’s little known that you have to then pay to get your followers to see your content through promoted adverts offers and posts, and guess what, all of this costs you every time you do it! It has been reported that only 10% of your Facebook fans see your results organically and especially if you’ve already paid for adverts to attract those fans you can see how this easily becomes a very expensive way of promotion unless you are directing traffic through to the Facebook page via a website or other promotion. Remember it’s best to be clued up and use any tool as part of an overall marketing strategy.

YouTube Is Surely The Way Forward Though?

Let’s not underestimate the power of seeing a professionally produced online video, be it an instructional video, advert or the product itself, the power of the moving image can powerfully connect with your intended audience. If using this method of promotion be sure to be careful about who you hire to produce you video production, take you time and look at good advice on choosing a video production company as this handy guide states a lot of it is seeing of they are a good fit to work with your business? After all it’s your vision you’re trying to have put across and if you don’t feel that they share your idea of what you are after then maybe it’s time to look at another firm. Also make sure you’ve seen some of their previous work, which should be easily available for online video productions and this will also allow you to contact their previous customers to ask about how they are to work with? As with Facebook YouTube is a great way to show video content but be aware that once the content is there you still need to direct traffic to it be through your own website, paid ads or other social media outlets. If your website ranks well on Google then the videos will be seen there and if the videos are seen on YouTube it can then drive traffic to the website, ensure you have a reputable company handling your Google rankings such as SEO from Unity Online this will be invaluable in the long-run.

What About The Others? 

What about all the other social media players, such as Twitter and Instagram? These again are all legitimate avenues for you to connect with your customers and Twitter and Instagram are great for instant messages updates and announcements. Again you will need to promote, gain followers and drive traffic to your accounts on these sites.

So What’s the Answer? 

Basically there is no one answer. All of the social media platforms have their merits but the key is to make sure you drive traffic and unfortunately this isn’t going happen automatically, make sure you use a combination of efforts and you’ll likely see your business flourish.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Selling And Promoting On Social Media Is On The Rise But Don’t Forget About The Power Of Google!
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