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Set Your Business On The Right Track By Eliminating These Major Productivity Downfalls

When it comes to what makes the wheels turn in the business field, productivity comes to the mind of everyone involved, be it blue or white collar employees. There is a fine line between being productive and just drowning yourself in all the little tasks that seem to get most of your attention during your working hours. So, how do you stop wasting time and make the most out of office hours?

Well, they say that before you start treatment, you must first identify the illness. So, what are the biggest productivity downfalls that can bring down even the most innovative business? Let’s get started.

  1. Organization and Prioritization Deficiency

One of the biggest mistakes when running a business is not making sure everybody is aware of the exact part they play in the big picture. Having a clearly defined role for everybody in the team is the best approach to make sure each employee knows the business goal and how their work helps achieve it. When people have the correct guidelines and a clear idea about what role they play, they will be less likely to get distracted and it will help them focus on their tasks wholeheartedly.

  1. Stress

Sometimes, it is normal to feel stressed at work. There are even cases when a little stress can motivate an employee. However, excessive stress can become a huge obstacle that can define success or failure at work. Statistics in the US show that stress is one of the main reasons for absenteeism, with people asking sick or personal days due to stress. Around a fifth of the surveyed employees admitted to having a last-minute meeting or entire workday cancellations due to stress. And when that happens with employees that have a key role in the team, it can lead to the whole pyramid falling. Finding the main reason why employees are stressed is the first step to overcome this hurdle. Additionally, one-on-one meetings with each employee can help alleviate this stress and pinpoint the main issues.

  1. Outdated software

Technology plays an essential role in today’s business world, and it has become a legitimate deal breaker when not used properly. Outdated software versions, incompatibility between software used in different departments, and improper training are just some of the problems that can bring down productivity. Doing a spring-cleaning once a year with the help of your provider and encouraging feedback from the end-users can help you identify which tools are helpful and which of them are just in the way of making your business grow. Does this mean that you have to hire new talent to oversee software implementation? Not at all. Software outsourcing is a practical solution that even the biggest companies in the world rely on and that can save you time, money and, energy.

  1. Lack of communication

Large-scale projects can be intimidating and challenging but, in business environments, they are growth opportunities. A big project can help everyone involved discover and sharpen their skills, push their limits, and at the same time bring benefits to the company. However, taking on a big project without a strict and streamlined communication plan is a massive issue that can cause chaos. Before starting work, the leader should ensure that everyone in the team knows exactly what the steps of the projects are and what they have to do for each one. Oftentimes, complex projects involve the participation of multiple departments, and as the project manager, you should ensure these departments have a clear line of communication, especially if they are in different locations. From project inception to product presentation, all team members should work based on a clear process of communication with defined rules and steps.

  1. Employees feel unmotivated

Productivity is directly linked to employee motivation. While there are a number of reasons outside your control as to why employees feel unmotivated, there are many things you can do to boost team spirit. Studies show there are at least five main reasons your employees don’t feel motivated, and here are some quick solutions:

  1. Employees don’t have a good relationship with co-workers – try involving employees in team activities outside the work environment, such as team-building events or even a night out.
  2. They don’t feel their work is being properly rewarded – establishing a bonus system or even celebrating the end of a good project with a small but significant reward can go a long way in making them feel valued.c. Employees don’t have enough freedom – allowing them to bring their unique touch to projects can make them feel more valued.
  3. Lack of interesting tasks – don’t demand employees to do the same work all day and in the same order. Instead, give them a certain kind of freedom to decide how they manage their daily tasks.
  4. Personal problems – while most of the time there is nothing you can do regarding an employee’s personal life, you can foster an environment of trust and openness to let them know you are understanding if they’re going through a tough personal time.
  1. Leadership flaws

It’s important to know that sometimes productivity issues come from individuals who are guiding and leading the team, whether they are managers, team leaders, supervisors, or key executives. To strive for optimal results, make sure you know and select the best fit of management style for your team. While some teams are more responsive with clear and specific directions, others react best to less-restrictive environments. Take the time to know your employees and work with them to make them reach their potential.

Eliminating these issues will not only increase productivity and help your company run like a well-oiled machine but, in the long run, it will also increase workplace happiness. When your employees are not overwhelmed by stress, have a clear goal and can work on rewarding projects, they are more likely to deliver consistent results and stay loyal to your company.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Set Your Business On The Right Track By Eliminating These Major Productivity Downfalls
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