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World’s Most Popular Mobile Operating Systems (Android VS iOS: Market Share 2012-2018)

Google’s Android‎ continues to dominate Apple’s iOS‎ on mobile platforms in the world. A new data for December 2018 shows that Android‎ remains the most popular mobile operating system in the world – Android had a worldwide market share of 75.16 percent.

Meanwhile, in December 2018, iOS had a worldwide market share of 21.98 percent.

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Android Vs. iOS:

The table below shows the market share of mobile operating systems in the world from January 2012 to December 2018.

Market Share of mobile operating systems in the world 2012-2018:

MonthApple's iOSGoogle's Android‎
December, 201875.16 percent21.98 percent
November, 201872.35 percent24.44 percent
October, 201874.69 percent22.34 percent
September, 201876.61 percent20.66 percent
August, 201876.82 percent20.45 percent
July, 201877.32 percent19.40 percent
June, 201876.99 percent18.91 percent
May, 201876.53 percent18.97 percent
April, 201875.66 percent19.23 percent
March, 201874.24 percent20.83 percent
February, 201874.78 percent20.15 percent
January, 201874.39 percent19.64 percent
December, 201773.54 percent19.91 percent
November, 201773.11 percent20.34 percent
October, 201773.05 percent19.99 percent
September, 201773.52 percent19.37 percent
August, 201772.74 percent20.32 percent
July, 201773.39 percent18.78 percent
June, 201772.89 percent19.35 percent
May, 201772.68 percent19.32 percent
April, 201771.84 percent19.87 percent
March, 201771.61 percent19.50 percent
February, 201771.98 percent19.45 percent
January, 201771.58 percent19.73 percent
December, 201671.97 percent18.89 percent
November, 201672.01 percent18.85 percent
October, 201670.84 percent19.12 percent
September, 201669.68 percent19.38 percent
August, 201668.54 percent20.07 percent
July, 201668.79 percent19.89 percent
June, 201668.40 percent20.32 percent
May, 201668.84 percent18.63 percent
April, 201668.28 percent18.80 percent
March, 201668.04 percent18.82 percent
February, 201666.38 percent19.47 percent
January, 201666.28 percent19.58 percent
December, 201565.88 percent19.22 percent
November, 201565.73 percent19.30 percent
October, 201567.15 percent17.70 percent
September, 201566.77 percent18.14 percent
August, 201565.56 percent19.03 percent
July, 201564.08 percent20.41 percent
June, 201563.75 percent20.22 percent
May, 201564 percent20.22 percent
April, 201563.43 percent20.78 percent
March, 201561.94 percent22.64 percent
February, 201560.79 percent23.17 percent
January, 201559.78 percent22.75 percent
December, 201459.15 percent23.51 percent
November, 201459.90 percent23.02 percent
October, 201457.43 percent25.96 percent
September, 201455.70 percent24.73 percent
August, 201454.87 percent23.57 percent
July, 201453.51 percent24.90 percent
June, 201452.98 percent24.29 percent
May, 201452.23 percent23.24 percent
April, 201449.95 percent23.25 percent
March, 201448.26 percent23.60 percent
February, 201447.45 percent22.97 percent
January, 201444.53 percent23.55 percent
December, 201342.99 percent21.82 percent
November, 201341.31 percent21.94 percent
October, 201339.39 percent20.54 percent
September, 201339.82 percent22.73 percent
August, 201339.52 percent23.44 percent
July, 201338.34 percent24.79 percent
June, 201337.93 percent25.09 percent
May, 201338.27 percent25.86 percent
April, 201338.34 percent26.46 percent
March, 201337.23 percent27.14 percent
February, 201336.90 percent27.21 percent
January, 201336.87 percent25.85 percent
December, 201233.19 percent23.26 percent
November, 201231.67 percent23.73 percent
October, 201230.19 percent23.72 percent
September, 201229.25 percent23.63 percent
August, 201228.21 percent24.48 percent
July, 201226.53 percent25.41 percent
June, 201225.07 percent24.56 percent
May, 201223.81 percent22.95 percent
April, 201223.79 percent23.85 percent
March, 201223.61 percent23.99 percent
February, 201224.76 percent25.49 percent
January, 201223.21 percent24.04 percent

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