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Experts’ Global: Top Choice for GMAT Prep and MBA Admissions Consulting

When it comes to MBA admissions consulting and GMAT preparation, there is one firm that stands heads and shoulders above all the rest. That firm is Experts’ Global. Since the firm’s founding in 2008, its reputation has grown in leaps and bounds. At this time, students from over 50 countries have availed of Experts’ Global services.

Experts’ Global was founded by Mayank Srivastava in 2008. The crux of the firm’s operations is imparting education, through technology. At Experts’ Global, an MBA aspirant can find international level GMAT training, and MBA admissions consultancy. Since 2008, Experts’ Global has been guiding thousands of students, from across the world, towards a seat at their dream schools. Experts’ Global is staffed by some of the most dedicated GMAT trainers and MBA admissions consultants that one could hope to find, who take great pride in the quality of service that they provide. Let us take a quick look at these services.

GMAT Preparation

Experts’ Global has an online, on-demand GMAT preparation program that is the best of its kind. This program’s highly methodical approach to GMAT instruction includes more than 300 conceptual videos, paired with 4000 practice questions. Great care has been taken to ensure that these questions provide the students with an accurate GMAT experience. To that end, Experts’ Global has developed a testing screen that is as GMAT-like as possible. This testing screen utilizes a full-screen layout and graphics that are very similar to the real GMAT testing screen, to provide the students with a real sense of what giving the GMAT is like. It even simulates the time pressure of the GMAT, with a timer that turns red of you take too long on any question.

Mock Tests

 The Experts’ Global GMAT prep program also includes 15 full-length mock tests. These mock tests are hosted on the same screen as the practice questions and are just as representative of the GMAT, as they are. In addition to this, they are also backed by rigorous analytics software that gives the students an incredibly keen insight into the shortcomings of their performance. Based on the student’s performance in the last few tests that they gave, this software can tell them which GMAT areas they are most/least proficient in, which areas they take the most time on, their level of accuracy with relation to speed, and a lot more.

Classroom GMAT Program 

In addition to the online program, Experts’ Global also offers live classroom GMAT training, as well. These classes are conducted by Mr. Srivastava, himself. Mr. Srivastava’s students have consistently praised him, as a truly enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. The students have further praised his keen insight into the GMAT, particularly the quant section. Many students have directly credited him for their success in the GMAT. 

MBA Admissions Consultancy 

At Experts’ Global, the priority is always to ensure that each student gets the maximum amount of attention. To that end, the firm follows a boutique system. Experts’ Global admissions specialists work with a limited number of students per year. Unlike most MBA admissions consultants, Experts’ Global are ready to provide guidance for every step of the MBA admissions process. Experts’ Global describes this as “End to end MBA admissions consulting”. This comprehensiveness has paid great dividends for Experts’ Global students, over the last ten years; Experts’ Global students have secured admission to every one of the world’s top one hundred and fifty institutes.

ISB Admissions Consultancy

While Experts’ Global admissions teams are well versed in the admissions processes of countless business schools, they are particularly familiar with those of the ISB, the Indian School of Business. Experts’ Global is well aware that at least half of all Indians who give the GMAT, do so with an interest in applying to ISB. In response to this information, Experts’ Global has made sure that it’s admission consultants are thoroughly familiar with ISB’s admission process and requirements. The results speak for themselves, in this case. Every year, 90 percent of Experts’ Global ISB applicants receive interview calls.

Admissions Interview Training 

One of the most common services that people go to an MBA admissions consultancy firm for is admissions interview training. Understanding the importance of preparing their students for the interviews, Experts’ Global has developed a highly effective training regimen. The primary focus of the training is a series of mock interviews, conducted by a highly experienced interview mentor. The mentor designs the mocks, to address blind spots in the student’s understanding of the interview process. These are determined based on the student’s answers to the thirty most common interview questions. This training is backed up by a comprehensive set of instructional videos that give the student a highly detailed look at the fine details of MBA admission interviews.

Experts’ Global dedicated MBA admissions consultants and brilliant GMAT prep program has guided thousands of MBA aspirants to the program of their choice. This firm is the finest resource that any such aspirant could hope for.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Experts’ Global: Top Choice for GMAT Prep and MBA Admissions Consulting
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