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3 Tips To Improve Memory Retention

Being able to remember and recall information is an important skill for success, both in life and in the business world. The good news is that improving your memory is a learned skill – you can improve your memory retention with the right practice and strategies. Here are three ways to start improving your memory today.

Learn new things

The best way to keep your mind sharp and improve your memory is to continue to learn new things. Whether it’s a new language, learning to plan an instrument or something else that interests you, it’s worth giving it a try. Learning new things keeps your brain sharp and strengthens it by forcing you to learn new skills.

When you challenge yourself, you give yourself a chance to grow. And when you find success in trying these new things, you experience the biological benefits of success. You earn rewards, which support the brains learning process, and triggers the release of dopamine, which then encourages you to try and succeed at more new tasks.

Keep your body moving

To keep your brain in good health, you must take care of your body as well. Physical exercise, specifically aerobic exercise, is good for the brain. Plus, physical exercise can help shake off brain fog and mental fatigue. If you find that midday at the office you feel mentally exhausted, the incorporating exercise into your routine can help. Consider taking a walk at lunchtime, and starting your day with some exercise. This will help you get a jump start on the day, and give you mental clarity. There are also studies that have been completed that show that regular exercise boosts the size of the hippocampus, which is the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning. So, get your body moving to improve your memory skills.

Try meditation

There are different types of memory, but the type you use every day is called working memory. It’s the type of memory that you can improve with practice, since you use it so often.  Meditation can be used as such a tactic to improve your working memory retention.

Research has shown that participants with no experience in mindfulness meditation can improve their memory recall in just eight weeks. This is because meditation helps us concentrate. For this reason, meditation has also been shown to help improve test scores, and even ease of homework completion without the help of any virtual assistants like homeworkmarket, although those tools are certainly useful.

Being able to optimize and improve your working memory is a skill that will serve you in all aspects of life. Whether it’s being able to work more efficiently in the office or interact better with peers and friends outside of work, strong working memory can improve relationships and daily functioning. If you’re looking to improve your memory, try working out your body and mind, and give meditation a try – you may be surprised by the results.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - 3 Tips To Improve Memory Retention
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