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100 Fastest Growing Tech Companies In Asia Pacific

Chinese tech companies dominated the rankings of the fastest growing tech firms in the Asia-Pacific region, taking seven of the top ten sports in 2018, according to the Deloitte survey, followed by India with two companies and New Zealand with one HDT Ltd.

Chinese online real estate brokerage (Beijing) Technology Co Ltd, has taken the top spot, saw its annual growth of 32,179%. Average revenue growth of the top ten tech companies reaches the highest ever in the 17 years of the Ranking at 17,314%. In this roundup, we’re sharing 100 companies.

So grab your resume — and your sunglasses. Because if you land a job with one of these companies, your future is bright.

The 100 Fastest Growing Tech Companies In Asia Pacific:

RankCompanyCountrySectorGrowth PercentageWebsite (Beijing) Technology Co
2Guangzhou Hui Zheng Zhi United Technology Co
3Beijing Weshare Financial Information Services Co
4Qingdao Sinotex E-Commerce Co
5Guangzhou Quwan Network Technology Co
6MogIi Labs (India) Pvt
7Razorpay Software Pvt
8Chengdu Qushui Technology Co
10HDT LtdNew Zealand
12Wuhan Weipai Network Technology Co
13Manak Waste Management Pvt
14Hanzhou Lefit Networking Technology Co
16Aimyunion Technology
17Shenzhen Telesource Co
18Yixue Education Co
19Qingdao Restore Biotechnology Co LtdChinaLife
20Hangzhou Kangsheng Health Consulting Co LtdChinaLife
21Shenzhen Quantum Cloud Technology Co
22Synagie Corp
23Shanghai H visions Technology Service Co
24ShangHai Bravowhale Technology Co
25Keruyun Technology (Chengdu) Co
27Mate Communicate Pty
29Oriano Clean Energy Pvt LtdIndiaClean
30Qingdao Resident Information Technology Co
31Shenzhen Ying Zhong Tong Financial Information Service Co
32Wanka Huanju Culture Media (Beijing)Co
33eCloudvalley Digital Technology
34Shippit Pty
35JuMa Enterprise Management Co
36Pharmadax IncTaiwanLife
37Baishan Cloud Technology Co
38Shenzhen Qianhai IntelliData Techonlogy Co
39Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co
40Guangdong Jianqiang Zhu Internet Technology Co
41HanSight (Beijing) Software Technology Co
42Beijing Zettakit Technology Co
43Wuhan Hopetop Technology Co
45UnitedData Holding group Co
46ChengDu PinGuo Technology Co
47Chang Wah Technology Co
48Shanghai PPDai Financial Information Service Co
49Xiaochuanchuhai Education Technology (Beijing) Co
51Shanghai Kaian Information Technology Co
52Beijing Century Goldray Semiconductor Co
53Wuhan Douyu Network Technology Co
54Shanghai Moule Network Technology Co
55DingDang Medicine Express Technology Group Co LtdChinaLife
56Solee (Wuhan) Science & Technology Co
57Guangdong Weide Information Technology Co
58Love Group Global
59Qingdao Wiscloud Intelligent Technology Co
60Aloys IncSouth
61Beijing Qilin Hesheng Network Technology Co
64Flextech CoChinaClean
65Chengdu Union Big Data Technology Co
66Chengdu RippleTek Tech Co
67Chengdu Esender technology Co
68Bossdom Digiinnovation Co
70Guangzhou iYourCar Information Technology Co
74Beijing Bangcle Security Technology
75Chengdu Dachengjuntu Technology Co
76Beijing iHandy Mobile
77LegoChem Biosciences IncSouth KoreaLife
78GuangZhou King Tau Machinery & Electronics Equipment Co
79Guangzhou Joyrun Co Ltd
80NomosOne LtdNew Zealand
81Energy Material Technology Co LtdSouth KoreaClean
84MBS Environmental Technology CorpChinaClean
85Guangzhou Yiziton Supply Chain Management Co Ltd
86Swiped On LtdNew Zealand
87Beijing Rtmap Technology Co
88Mobvista (Guangzhou) Technology
89Kolon TissueGene IncSouth KoreaLife
90Image Match Design
91Element42 Management Solutions Pvt
92Datum Studio Co
93NumberMall Pvt
94Guangzhou Junbo Network Technology
95Loginext Solutions Pvt
97Tooth Bond Technology Shenzhen Co LtdChinaLife
98Shenzhen Onething Technologies Co
99JiangSu Elex Software Technology Co
100Egis Technology


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Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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