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The Best VoIP Service For Big And Small Business

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service allows subscribers to make and receive free and inexpensive calls. One will have to register with a VoIP service provider as in the case of internet users who register with various internet providers. The service uses IP networks to channel and terminate calls. Therefore, one must have a connection to the internet (the most extensive IP network available). You also require an IP phone or even a mobile phone if you access the service through an app.

Merits of using VoIP services

Voice over Internet Protocol offers relief to both big and small businesses alike. With hundreds of calls that are incoming and outgoing, it is crucial that enterprises attend to them satisfactorily without compromise. The bulk of this operation will necessitate the use of a communications service that is reliable, versatile and still cheap. VoIP services offer this and many more. Some key advantages of subscribing to VoIP services include:

1. Operational cost

VoIP service allows a business to make calls over the internet. There are options of unlimited calling between users and even toll-free numbers that may be proffered by the service provider. International calls will, however, be charged at a monthly rate that is agreed upon by the buyer and the service provider. The VoIP service also has the ability to transmit more than one telephone call along the same line.

2. Customer satisfaction

Businesses that deal with calls from customers on a daily basis will find VoIP services very essential. Depending on packages one chooses, there are various options a business can enjoy. Not only can an enterprise activate the option of separating business calls from social calls but also forward calls from their office directly to a device of their choice wherever their users are situated. A package can also come with the option of dividing calls into various departments or so that they can be acted upon accurately.

3. Versatility

VoIP services share network infrastructure between data and voice. It converts voice from the receiver into bits that can be transmitted to be received as emails. It also has fax support whereby the device is connected to an Analog Telephone Adapter to help receive the data and reproduce it as a fax. Modern designs of fax machines have also been tailored to accommodate such. Other exciting features are video conferencing, software integration and integrated mobile apps.

4. Security

Although the VoIP service is subject to malicious attacks from hackers whereby they can amass customer information, data or listen to calls of high confidentiality, there are some pros that come with it in terms of security. One can record calls received from various sources to be used as evidence later on. Also, some services come with the feature of enhanced 911 support that will enable one to make emergency calls fast.

5. Power usage

The Voice over Internet Protocol phones or rather, the IP phones can work while the computers are off as long as there is an internet connection. Some can even operate without being connected to the mains switch supply, unlike the traditional telephone services, by using charged batteries in the modems installed. Also with the option of handling calls from various devices, one can switch or forward his or her calls to a device that is near an available power supply if there is a power shortage.

Best VoIP services for any business 

There are four types of VoIP services; Home phone replacement residential services, No-monthly-bill services, software-based services, and mobile VoIP services. There are various VoIP services vendors in the market. Among the numerous available options in VoIP services, anyone can find what most suited to their needs and preferences. Some of the top business voip include:


Vonage operates mostly in the United Kingdom. It comes with an integrated mobile app that can be used by co-workers in their operations or any of the connected users. The VoIP can also handle calls on up to three different devices, that is; one single call can be received on either of the three devices. It also has an enhanced 911 support for emergency calls. At only 15 euros an enterprise can enjoy unlimited calling with an optional 3.33 euros for international calling to over sixty countries

Ring Central

The most substantial gain with Ring Central is that it offers software integration with various software that are used in normal business operations. Software such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Google and Office 365.The service also comes with internet fax, voicemail, video conferencing and is BYOD capable that will offer a range of free apps.

The prices start from 19.99 dollars to 49.99 dollars and will offer unlimited calling to both Canada and the United States of America.

8*8 Inc.

This offers unlimited calling to internet users which also apply to calling other mobile phone users and landline users. 8*8 Inc also offers extension dialing where a set of three digits or more are handed to users which are used to identify them as they call within the business and without. Various more features are added on to the package by use of Virtual Office Online. The service comes mostly in three packages with one package added more features than that of its predecessor; Unlimited, Global and Metered Extension.


Ooma comes with an enhanced caller ID whereby every caller’s identification is sourced directly from the national database and displayed as found. This is of great help, unlike Public Switched Telephone Network where unknown numbers appear as just numbers with no way to identify them. It also offers three-way conferencing as part of its package. The service goes for 19.95 US dollars per user, but charges can be added if one desires to add toll-free numbers or international calling.

In summa, the Voice over Internet Protocol services is the new era of telecommunication services. They are quickly replacing the prepaid cell phone services, and businesses can significantly benefit from them. For the full experience, however, one will need fast and reliable internet to ensure the images and sounds are received with clarity. Ring Central will be an excellent inclusion to businesses as it offers a complete VoIP and teleconferencing service together with a myriad number of other features. For small businesses that are still growing, 8*8 Inc. will prove useful as it is affordable but offers features that are paramount in communication.

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