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Official: The 10 Most Welcoming Destinations For Tourists, Globally For 2019


If you haven’t already found it, Austria is the world’s most welcoming country for tourists, globally, according to Booking.com, the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest selection of awesome places to stay.

What’s most interesting about this list of the most welcoming nations is how unexpected it is.

Popular travel destinations like France, the United States, and the United Kingdom are nowhere near the top.

When it comes to the friendliness of the local population towards foreign tourists, Czech Republic ranked number 2, followed by Poland, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Austria claims the top position as the country with the friendliest attitude towards foreign tourists worldwide.

The ten most welcoming countries for tourists, globally

  1. Austria
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Poland
  4. New Zealand
  5. Taiwan
  6. Romania
  7. Hungary
  8. Ireland
  9. Serbia
  10. Greece

The ten most welcoming destinations, globally:

  1. Goreme, Turkey
  2. Slunj, Croatia
  3. Eluanbi, Taiwan
  4. Niagara on the Lake, Canada
  5. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
  6. Bendigo, Australia
  7. Newport, United States
  8. Nozawa Onsen, Japan
  9. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
  10. El Chalten, Argentina
Mindy Wright

Mindy Wright

Deputy Commissioning Editor
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