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America’s Top 20 Best Small Places for Business and Careers By Forbes Magazine

It’s interesting to see, out of 200 small U.S. cities and towns, Sioux Falls, South Dakota came in at number 1 on the Forbes 2018 list of best small places for business and careers in America. F

For the 2018 ranking, the magazine also ranked Sioux Falls number 44 for education, number 33 for job growth, and number 44 for the cost of doing business.

Rankings are based on 14 factors related to job growth (past and projected), costs (business and living), income and economic growth, quality of life and the education of the workforce.

With healthy job growth and relatively low costs to live and do business, Lafayette, IN ranked number 2 the list, after coming in at second place last year. Lafayette was also ranked in the top 100 for other categories including 54th in the cost of doing business, 26th in education, and 76th for job growth.

America’s Top 20 Best Small Places for Business and Careers

1. Sioux Falls, SD (population: 259,400)
2. Lafayette, IN (population: 219,500)
3. College Station, TX (population: 258,600)
4. Iowa City, IA (population: 171,900)
5. Logan, UT (population: 138,300)
6. Athens, GA (population: 209,900)
7. Ithaca, NY (population: 104,900)
8. Bend, OR (population: 187,400)
9. Ames, IA (population: 97,500)
10. Greenville, NC (population: 179,400)
11. Winchester, VA (population: 138,100)
12. Corvallis, OR (population: 91,000)
13. Charlottesville, VA (population: 234,000)
14. Mankato, MN (population: 101,000)
15. Bellingham, WA (population: 222,000)
16. Hilton Head Island, SC (population: 216,100)
17. Daphne, AL (population: 213,100)
18. Pocatello, ID (population: 85,300)
19. Lawrence, KS (population: 121,000)
20. Gainesville, GA (population: 199,900)

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