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How I Found My Niche: Digital Video

As I tell most young people when asked, the key to finding your destiny is seeking that cross-section between your Passion and your Vocation.  If you can do that, you’ve found your niche.

This process takes time and is not linear.

In this new day and age, while we often work at one place for a much shorter duration than those did in the past, it holds both positive and negative.

The positive of shorter duration is that you can course correct when you find a job is not getting you where you want to go.  The goal for anyone looking for work in their passion is to get that job that you love.

For me, 30 years ago, TV was an interest so I found an internship and then full-time work at an ad agency.  It wasn’t specifically in TV but it was relevant work in the field and then after a year, I shifted to Petry Television and I was officially in “the biz.”

The negative of the shorter duration at any one company is that it demonstrates a lack of commitment.  Now, this is a negative that can be overcome and employers know it’s more commonplace today, but it is the downside.  I worked at CBS for one year, a very short time, but I wouldn’t trade that one year for anything.

That one year at CBS allowed me to transition to what would be my most auspicious pivot: Digital Video.  As you progress through your career, you get the benefit of meeting people, building those relationships and seeing market trends.  Those benefits allow you to make those transitions and pivots that get you to your niche; your own cross-section between Passion and Vocation.

Selling video ads on the TV hit Survivor was that experience at CBS that showed me into the future.  CBS Entertainment decided to distribute the audition tapes of the Survivor candidates online.  It was my job to sell ads on those videos.  That was 20 years ago when Survivor was in its first season.  The show was an instant hit but more importantly, I saw the early power of Digital Video and that set me up for my next move.

That’s the process.  Not linear.  Not easy.  But it’s the process that gets you to your niche or destiny; that cross-section between your Passion and your Vocation.

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Matt Wasserlauf
Matt Wasserlauf is known as the visionary who revolutionized advertising by enticing television advertisers to invest their marketing dollars online. He founded Broadband Enterpris-es (BBE), the industry’s first online video company and co-founded the mobile video platform Torrential. He recently sold Torrential to the the television production company ITN, the leading unwired broadcast network. Matt is often used as an ex-pert resource and byline contributor in content advertising, OTT, and entrepreneurship.
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