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What Is Digital Experience Monitoring, And Why You Need A DEM Strategy For Your Business

Digital experience monitoring, also known as DEM, is a new kind of technology that supersedes traditional application performance management. It is also similar to, but better than end-user experience monitoring, also known as EUEM.

On the one hand, application performance management only looks at how the application performs and whether it is available when needed. EUEM looks at how the end user interacts with the application. DEM goes beyond both of these. It monitors the experience of all users of the systems, including both humans and machines, so long as they are clients of the system. It will follow how they interact with the application.

More organizations around the world want to achieve digital transformation in their industries, so DEM is becoming more important. Here are a few reasons why a DEM strategy should be your next focus.

You Cannot Ignore the Changes That Are Coming

Currently, the main users of applications are humans. However, this status is being challenged constantly and is likely to be surpassed by nonhumans as more machines and artificial intelligence become primary consumers of applications. If you have a smart car, then it will talk with applications at the dealership and tell you when you need to schedule a service appointment. You may not think much about it, but the manufacturer of the car and car dealer will be concerned about how well the communications occur between your car and the applications at the dealership or repair shop. These transactions that occur between machines are about as important as the ones that humans have with machines or other humans and are crucial to building up your brand reputation.

Your Mobile Users Matter

As smartphones become more capable, applications are shifting away from mobile websites to native applications. In the past, the proportion of mobile users on your website may have been so small that you didn’t see the point of monitoring mobile users. However, mobile users are growing, and you cannot discount them any longer.

For you to get the necessary information to improve the mobile experience, you need to measure both the performance of the application on mobile devices as well as the application programming interfaces (APIs) that deliver content to it. Since these applications heavily rely on APIs to talk to the back end, that is an aspect you cannot ignore. By making sure the correct information is returned by the APIs with no delays, you can keep your growing mobile users happy.

You Need to Settle on a Protocol

The world of tech has developed to the point where no single application will work on just one protocol. Therefore, you need to know which protocols matter the most to your organization and how you are monitoring them. It won’t do any more to only monitor Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) when there are so many others out there, such as WebSockets and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). As long as you use some of these other protocols, then you need to include them in your digital experience monitoring strategy.

User Experience Is Now About More Than Page Load Times

We have evolved from the days when performance was synonymous with page loading times. Now, we look at the perception of the user as far as the loading of the page is concerned. Users don’t care about what they can’t see ― they only care about what they can see and interact with on the page. These include metrics like the Perceptual Speed Index, the Critical Resources Index and the Speed Index.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - What Is Digital Experience Monitoring, And Why You Need A DEM Strategy For Your Business
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