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These 12 Colleges Are Currently The Most Expensive In The United States

Yes, with a yearly fee close to $60,000, Columbia University tops this list of the 12 most expensive colleges in the United States. Does Columbia rank as the best institution in the U.S. to go along with being the most expensive one?

The CEOWORLD magazine, in its 2019 rankings of best universities in the world placed Columbia 17th – behind the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University. It’s also ranked No. 9th in medicine and health science; No. 18th in life science; No. 13th in physical science; No. 12th in psychology; No. 11th in arts and humanities; No. 14th in education; No. 11th in social sciences; No. 13th in business and economics; No. 21st in computer science; and No. 34th in engineering and technology programs.

The most expensive colleges in America cost between $55,000 and $60,000 per year. So, what are these colleges that cost so much per year?

These 12 colleges are currently the most expensive in the United States:

12. Duke University (18)
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $55,960

11. Bucknell University
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,092

10. University of Southern California
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,225

9. Tufts University
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,382

8. Amherst College
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,426

7. Franklin and Marshall College
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,550

6. Landmark College
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,800

5. Harvey Mudd College
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,876

4. Trinity College
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,910

3. Vassar College
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $56,960

2. University of Chicago
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $57,006

1. Columbia University
2018-19 Tuition & Fees: $59, 430

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