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Must-Have Features For Your Fitness App

People are getting more and more health conscious these days. Whether to remain fit and healthy or to keep their weight in control to build an attractive body, people are hitting the gym on regular basis. Health and fitness started getting the top priority on the list of must-do activities. Well, the mobile app development companies can’t just set aside the merging trend and jump right on with fitness apps to assist the gym freaks to know their daily routine and maintain it. But, as we are in the cognizance of the fact that the app development sector is already overcrowded with a plethora of apps in every category including health and fitness as well. So, let’s take a stroll on which are the cutting edge features you should not miss out if indulged in fitness app development.

1) Workout setter

The workout sessions are different for the different user depending on the type of body, calorie and weight a user has. Majority of the users download the fitness with the agenda of losing weight and developer must get this thing straight in their head while developing apps. There should be customized workout plans for users to get into specific size and shape. The workout feature should give weekly or monthly plan with a different set of exercises.

2) Track your progress

The user has a predefined goal to be accomplished until a predefined date. The developer should incorporate the feature which gives the user status update of how close they are to achieving the goal. Whether they need to indulge in a rigorous training session to meet the goal or they are heading with proper pace and continue with the same.

3) Sleeping hours count

Inadequate sleep can be a major reason behind health issues. Sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning and getting to work is routine for almost every second individual these days. This feature in the fitness app would keep the user aware of how much they are lacking in their usual sleep hours.

4) Diet plan

You don’t need to pay a bag of bucks to personal diet coach to know what to eat and what not to eat. When you have fitness app like Slim Fit, which gives you a perfect diet plan suggest what to eat and how much to eat. You need to feed you the food intake of your entire day and the app will count the calorie and suggest you a diet plan accordingly.

5) Water intake

Water intake is one of the essential element for fitness app and one of the most ignored one. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the essentials elements for your fitness app, don’t forget to include this one.

6) Stairs counter

Work has tangled the daily routine of today’s generation and this might restrict the users from hitting the gym on regular basis. So, the users might choose stairs as the way of remaining fit. Hence, integrate the feature of stair counter in your health and fitness app. This will keep a track on the number of stairs climbed in a day with a track on the change in the altitude and height.

7) Pedometer

If the user is not into rigorous exercising or can’t follow diet schedules strictly but still want to remain fit then walking is the easy way out. A pedometer will entail with the information on the number of steps walked along with the number of calories burnt with their routine activities. Now you might be thinking that this feature is similar to that with the stair climber but no you are wrong. Stair climber counts your steps when you climb on heights and not normal footsteps whereas pedometer counts every step you took along with the calories burnt.

8) Chat out

Whether it is for Android or iPhone app development India, a fitness app must have a fitness chat with a personal trainer. The user can ask questions, take suggestions and clear out any queries regarding their exercise and diet.

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