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Friday, November 22, 2019

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11 Colleges In California Among The World’s 100 Best For 2019

Stanford Graduate School of Business

As you might have guessed, Stanford University was ranked the best college in California with an overall ranking of No. 3, followed by University of California–Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, and University of California–Los Angeles.

The U.S. News has ranked 11 California universities among the 100 best on Earth. The United States dominated the list with 227 colleges, and California boasted three of the top 10 universities in the global rankings.

The University of California–San Francisco was listed at No. 15 globally. University of California–San Diego came in at No. 17. University of California–Santa Barbara was listed at No. 37.

U.S. News said it ranked schools from more than 60 countries, judging them on 13 indicators that measure the school’s academic research performance and its global and regional reputations.

Here’s a look at the 11 Colleges In California Among The World’s 100 Best

  1. Stanford University, Stanford
    Ranking: 3
  2. University of California–Berkeley
    Ranking: 4
  3. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
    Ranking: 6
  4. University of California–Los Angeles
    Ranking: 13
  5. University of California–San Francisco
    Ranking: 15
  6. University of California–San Diego
    Ranking: 17
  7. University of California–Santa Barbara
    Ranking: 37
  8. University of California–Santa Cruz
    Ranking: 58
  9. University of California–Davis
    Ranking: 60
  10. University of Southern California
    Ranking: 62
  11. University of California–Irvine
    Ranking: 78

Here’s a look at the Top 10 on the global list:

  1. Harvard
  2. M.I.T.
  3. Stanford
  4. Cal-Berkeley
  5. Oxford
  6. Cal Tech
  7. Cambridge
  8. Columbia
  9. Princeton
  10. University of Washington (Seattle)

For the complete list, click here.

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