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6 Company Gifts You Should Consider For Your Employees

In the day-to-day grind of a stressful work environment, it’s easy to become irritable, negative, and overwhelmed. The holiday season offers an excellent opportunity for everyone to take a step back, reflect on everything your company has accomplished, and express gratitude for the hard work everyone puts in.

Great leaders know how important it is for employees to feel appreciated. When they don’t, performance drops, office conflict is more likely, and it becomes difficult to keep the ship running. Do your part of creating a positive work environment—you owe it to yourself and your employees—and take advantage of the holiday season by distributing thoughtful gifts to the office. 

Stress Eliminating Products

When your employees have been working hard, a great way to show your appreciation is to get them something soothing. There are a few ways to do this, from scented candles to stress balls. Employees will not only feel appreciated, but they will also be able to benefit from your considerate gift tangibly.

Stress Eliminating Gifts:

The Knock Knock’s communicatory Nifty Notes booklet is a portable checkbox gift that your employees are undergoing stressful moments will genuinely appreciate. It has 50 sheets that can be used to enhance humor and maintain high spirits in workplaces.


Sitting around the office all day with a bad pair of headphones—especially if work involves an audio component—can be both frustrating and damaging over time. Consider getting employees a cozier pair. Favorite, name-brand headphones like those made by Beats by Dre will show your employees that you’re attuned to the specific stresses of their job, and are invested in making their lives easier.

If your employees are audiophiles, they’ll also appreciate a gift that can be used both at work and at home. The functionality of a good pair of headphones is hard to understate. 

Cozy Clothes 

After a long day at the office, employees want to be able to put on comfortable clothes and forget about the stresses of the workday. During the winter months, when the weather is getting cold and holiday parties are starting to pick up, people want their wardrobe options to include puffy jackets and maybe an ugly Christmas sweater or two, just in case the opportunity arises. Tipsy Elves offers a bunch of greatcozy gifts that are not only fun and seasonally appropriate, but also practical.

Card and Board Games 

Even top CEOs love a good board game, and during the holiday season, giving one suggest that you care about your employee’s community of friends, and about office morale as a whole. When everyone gathers around to play a game, healthy competition and humor can serve as a team-building exercise and lets everyone open up a bit and get to know each other on a non-professional level.

There are a few different types of games that are fantastic for breaking down office barrios. If you’re not afraid of little crass humor, both Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? are popular games that can have everyone in the office laughing hysterically. 

Good Gift Cards 

Gift cards might be the most cliché option, but that doesn’t make them practical. Of course, you can opt for a Starbucks or Coffee Bean gift card, but by handing those out, you might give your employees the impression that your only concern is productivity.

On the other hand, a useful, thoughtful gift card is a great way to show employees that you’re attuned to their lives. If you don’t already know, find out where they eat lunch and get them a card for that location. Is there a popular business in the area that you know is frequented by people in your office? See if they offer gift cards.

Charming Plants 

You know what everyone likes? Flowers. It’s hard to go wrong if you get your employee’s beautiful bouquets, small succulents, or any other type of plant that suggests how much you appreciate them. There’s a mistaken idea that getting someone flowers is reserved for occasions like Mother’s Day or a birthday, but in truth, it’s a year-round option.

If you aren’t interested in dropping a bouquet on your employee’s desk, there are more fun options that require a little bit of work. Chia Pets are a novelty, but they’re incredibly fun to watch grow and only need to be watered on occasion. It’s also healthy to load any household up with plants because they produce oxygen and are linked to higher rates of happiness.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - 6 Company Gifts You Should Consider For Your Employees
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