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Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Savvy real estate agents must keep pace with all the changes happening today, from technology and social networking to the latest techniques, adapting marketing strategies for 2018 and beyond. For example, did you know that real estate is projected to make up 22% of all drone use within the next two years? Yet more than half of agents still aren’t using them.

That’s just one of the strategies who should consider if you’re a smart real estate agent.

Invest in a Drone

If you still don’t have a drone for your office, it’s time to get one or you’ll be giving your competitors the edge. Both buyers and sellers are looking for more video footage, which can be just about impossible to capture for high-end listings like farms, large estates, and commercial properties. With a drone, you’ll be able to convey to potential buyers just how big the estate is, providing a bird’s eye view that increases the odds of a sale, and helping you to achieve greater success.

Use Experiential Marketing

You need to keep in touch with your former clients because at some point, they’re likely to need a real estate agent again or they’ll know a friend, co-worker or family member who does. While you could bombard their Facebook news feeds with the latest listings, instead, give them something to talk about, something that will make them want to share by planning events around your interests. For example, a host a tour of a historic neighborhood, organize a softball game and provide refreshments, or even hold an informational seminar on the ins and outs of Boston real estate, or whichever city you’re based it.

Make Sure You’re Visible

Nowadays, everyone uses Internet to find a home or a real estate agent today, so if you aren’t visible online, you’re going to get passed up for someone who is. That can be harder than you think. Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to a higher-ranking site, meaning you’ll need quality and consistent content that targets the right keywords. If you don’t understand how to optimize your site, take time to learn or hire an expert to help. Once you get viewers to your website, you don’t want them to them to immediately head elsewhere.

To help you get your team ready for action, here are 15 pro tips on how to become a successful real estate agent.

15 Essencial Tips For Succeeding As A Real Estate Agent

1. Always communicate clearly.
2. Have a significant web presence – a carefully thought-through website and engaging social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and even Instagram if you snap a lot of house pics) is a must.
3. Keep an eye one the competition.
4. Hire a professional photographer.
5. Don’t sell – facilitate and coach your clients.
6. Make yourself easy to contact.
7. Work hard and be honest.
8. Don’t pretend to know all the answers. You don’t, because, in real-estate business, your best asset is your reputation.
9. Offer multiple options to a potential client.
10. Develop an “I don’t care” attitude.
11. Always be willing to help
12.  Be a good listener
13.  Phone calls – articulate, engaging, and courteous
14. Nurture and build relationships, including your friends, family, , classmates, business associates, sports team members, and even service providers (e.g., your doctor and hair stylist).
15. . Be Obsessed Or Be Average

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