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Trends on Booming Online Marketplace for On-demand Grocery

Technology has brought a remarkable evolution in the way you purchase things. First, there was a small store for a particular type of products. After that, there are larger brick and mortar stores like we have right now; it contains from biggest electronic products to small household stuff as well as groceries. The era of online business started a few years back when the sole purpose was to make the shopping a bit easier than it actually was in those days.

Developers would use Magento marketplace software builder or some other similar web development method to create a site for online business. Well, the making procedures have gone high because the demands have augmented. It all started with online shopping for electronics, clothes and other relevant things being used in daily life.

Now, grocery shopping has become the hottest thing on the internet. Stay at home, stretch your legs on the couch, order your grocery and receive it at your doorstep. Below is the example of how online grocery shopping has made lives easier:


Jessy: Sam, we are going for grocery shopping after 4 PM, right?

Sam: No Jess! You know I have to watch the basketball finals at 4:30 PM and I can’t miss it. Can we go tomorrow?

Jessy: But, we were supposed to go today afternoon. Catch up with the game later, we are going shopping.

Sam: Fine! As you say…

Thus, Sam spent all his afternoon shopping grocery with Jessy and missed watching his favorite game.


Jessy: Sam, we are going for grocery shopping after 4 PM, right?

Sam: No Jess! You know I have to watch the basketball finals at 4:30 PM and I can’t miss it. I have the list, order grocery from

Jessy: Sounds cool!

Here, Sam did not have to miss the game and Jessy got the groceries delivered at the doorstep. One can utilize time in other activities without rushing here and there with a shopping list.

As the Forbes reports, a research survey conducted by FMI – Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen in 2016 showed that only 23% of customers bought CPG – Consumer Packaged Goods online. However, another report done at the beginning of the year 2018 showed that 49% of the consumers had purchased CPGs online. Now Nielsen and Food Marketing Institute forecast a growth of 70% US consumers shopping groceries online by the year 2022.

Information technology has contributed immensely to the advancements. Sites developed with various methods of codding have played a vital role in B2B multi-vendor eCommerce system. Furthermore, it surely has the chances of going hire as the millennials use the advancements even more frequently. Below given image shows you the report of the last 3 years conducted by WSJ -Wall Street Journal. It shows how online shopping mania has taken over the millennials (Apparently in a good way!).

Development of software and apps are more in demand as online business has become a prime requirement in order to thrive in the digital market. While there are numerous ways of extending the horizons of the online market, Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension can sure transform your online business into a multi-vendor marketplace. Thus, you do need to sell just one type of product on one app. You can have a website or application that involves a wide range of suppliers, and vendors. It allows them to create, track, update and manage products as well as the orders from a supplier’s store account.

B2C multi-vendor marketplace software can assist an online business enormously and leads towards the success doors. The ecommerce has spread across the globe and some of the countries have actual customers that mostly buy groceries from online stores only. The number of online shoppers keeps going higher. Nevertheless, you can have a look at a report derived by Bloomberg news that shows which country leads the ways of online grocery shopping:

In the year 2017, China had the highest number of customers who buy groceries from the digital market. By using the technology of marketplaces anyone can expand the assorted categories of products for online sales. In such scenarios, Magento marketplace software can be a huge help to those who are planning to bring their business to the digital world. It indeed has a shining future as people are becoming tech-savvy and they need to get things done by their fingertips.

With this craze of grocery shopping in the online market, it is important to note that it favors both, the supplier or the provider and the customers. Putting items for sale online is not just for business benefits. It is also about breaking conventional ways of shopping and embracing the new ways this advanced technology has to offer society. Innovative ideas and selling styles will engage more customers with deeper understanding for the products whether they are new or existing customers.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - Trends on Booming Online Marketplace for On-demand Grocery
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