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5 Ways Attorneys Help You During Motorcycle Accidents

By now you know that there are several things you should do immediately after you’re involved in a motorcycle accident – such as gathering your thoughts, remaining calm, alerting the proper authorities, taking photos of the scene, and so forth. Luckily, motorcycle accident attorneys will be there right beside you for situations like that. Here are several ways they help you through this traumatic experience.

  1. Record-keeping
    Once you’ve checked yourself (and any other victims involved in the collision) for any obvious signs of injury, and deduced that there are none, it’s imperative that you document photos of the area as soon as you’re able. This is because your attorney will review these photos, and regard them as crucial details, for his/her presentation of your case in court – should it get that far. These documents are exponentially valuable in presenting them against the claims of insurance agencies who, in a race to save as much money as possible, may work on erroneous reports and second-hand accounts of what happened.
  2. Extra Eyes
    Among the information reviewed in your file, your legal personal injury worker will look over the information you gathered during your “collection phase” shortly after the event. Names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information and license plate numbers will all be looked at – and in many cases, parties involved in the case will be contacted by your attorney; including any insurance companies listed, so you don’t have to. Ensuring you didn’t miss any critical details pertinent towards winning your case.
  3. Act on Your Behalf
    Without a doubt, dealing with insurance companies and adjustors—especially after a crash—is confusing, frustrating, and a complete waste of time if you don’t know how to “grease the ropes”. Insurance claims can be forfeited. Unknown amounts of money can be left on the table. Competent and qualified legal professionals will act on your behalf, and deal with insurance companies (as we’ve mentioned before). This helps you because you can then spend this time exercising, going to recovery treatment appointments and getting your life back together instead of spending them on insurance meetings.
  4. Win
    You want an attorney on your side that you are 100% certain will win your settlement case. In many ways, this is the best way motorcycle accident attorneys help you. However, during the “deciding” or consultation phase, ensure the attorney/law firm you select is the right one for you. Ask questions such as how they work with clients, how often are clients informed and updated about their case, and is he/she likely to take an easy settlement or “fight for more”.
  5. Free Consultation
    Many attorneys and law firms offer free consultation. This helps you because these legal professionals, if they’re worth their weight in salt, will be upfront and honest with you. Once they review the preliminary evidence and findings about your case, they will let you know whether they can help you. This is useful not just because it is enormously time saving, but it drastically cuts down the effort of finding a whole new handful of experts.

Generally, accident lawyers pursue lawsuits, identify the correct parties to be sued, calculate overall damages done (along with finances owed) – and meet face-to-face with insurance companies and opposing attorneys who are hired to keep that money. When all is said and done, they provide a huge peace of mind that is hard to find on your own.

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