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How are Fitness Apps Contributing to Keep the Entrepreneur Healthy?

A healthy body and a healthy mind are all that you need to keep the business and profits healthy. Gone are the days when being fit and healthy was not a priority. Despite the busy schedule of the entrepreneurs and loads of responsibilities on their head, the entrepreneurs take out time for the gym, workout or jogging and maintain their diet as well. Fitness apps and wearables have also been a wonderful support system to help them do that.

Every minute activity can be tracked with fitness apps. The food intake, water intake, calories gained, calories burnt, steps walked, stairs climbed, heartbeat and what not can be known with these apps. It’s kind of the buzzword of 2018. The tech giant Apple is also in the support of fitness with the release of Apple watch series 4 in the recent Apple event 2018. They have done something astonishing by adding the ECG measure. Now, the entrepreneurs get notifications when there is even a minor change in their heart rate and detect and cure health issues on a really early stage. Different entrepreneurs have different fitness and hence various types of fitness apps are developed to stay in tune with their needs. Let’s explore them.

Types of Fitness Apps

1) Fitness Tracking App

This category of fitness app list out almost everything that you do in your entire day. These apps ask the users to feed their true details and show them the result driven out of that data. Fitness tracking apps track the number of steps walked, the number of stairs climbed, the number of hours slept, the distance of run and speed of run, and calories burnt of the user. The data is shown on the app and different charts are also prepared and routes are also saved on the map. The progress of the user is also tracked and displayed to the user.

2) Diet and Nutrition App

This category of fitness app watch out the users food habits, calculate the number of calories gained and burnt, calculates water balance, and help you maintain your body weight. The apps suggest different diet plans as per your current weight and targeted weight. There is also competition in such apps for weight loss or weight gain and have scoreboards to track their progress and their competitors.

3) Workout App

In such fitness apps, the user can get videos of different exercises to learn and follow. The user also has an option of having a personal trainer in the app. The user can have one on one chat with the trainer and get fitness and workout advice from them. Different levels of workout levels are presented, the beginners level, intermediate level, and expert level. The user can pick according to their requirement.

4) Competitive Fitness App

If you need a little motivation to get moving and stay fit, competition can be that motivation. This category of fitness app connects you with other fitness people, they can be your friends or any anonymous person. Such apps also give rewards to the winners of the competition. So, this can be one of the motivations to keep trying and attain your fitness goals.

5) Altruistic Fitness App

Now, if you want to help the needy this is the category of fitness you belong to. These apps have corporate sponsors who will donate to your favorite trust or organization based on your workout, walk, run, or bike ride. Two agendas can be fulfilled with such an app, you can stay fit and donate at the same time. The app monitors your workout activities and decides how much amount should the sponsors donate.

The entrepreneurs can pick their favorite category of fitness app and get started with staying fit. Here are some of the benefits entrepreneur gain by using fitness app development.

  • With fitness apps, the entrepreneur can save the time of hitting the gym, traveling far in the traffic and coming back.
  • The cost of paying the gym fees is saved.
  • Sitting right at home, the entrepreneur can get personal trainer through the app.
  • The entrepreneur can also do yoga with these apps and stay fit.
  • The entrepreneur can achieve their set goals of weight control.
  • The entrepreneur can maintain their healthy diet with the health and fitness app.
  • The entrepreneur can create a plan and track their daily progress.
  • The entrepreneur can know about the changes on heart rate and track any heart-related diseases on an early stage.

Features to Have in Fitness App Development

  • Easy sign in and sign up process
  • Social media integration
  • Push notifications
  • GPS support
  • Video integration
  • Multiple payment options
  • Wearable device support
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Chatting feature integration
  • In-app purchase

We have covered the types and benefits that fitness applications provide to the entrepreneurs. Now, if you are not using them till date, you should take your phone and install one of them and reap the benefits sitting right at your home.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - How are Fitness Apps Contributing to Keep the Entrepreneur Healthy?
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