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10 Signs that you picked a perfect writing service for your assignment

  1. Social Proof

Once you come across an attractive essay writing service website, try to find its profile via social media. If this website has at least Facebook or Instagram pages, there is a higher probability that you can trust it. The best sign is the regular activity at these profiles. Also, most business pages have “review section.” It is harder to make a fake review on Facebook than on the website, so if there positive reviews and the page is not “dead,” you can trust this assignment help service.

  1. They show essay samples

How to order a paper without knowing even the probable quality of it? To face the truth, it’s a risky business. And you’re absolutely right if you skip writing companies who do not show even a few pages of essay samples done by their writers. Essay samples must not be present on the website for sure. Try to request them from their customer manager. If they really show their essay examples and you’re satisfied with the quality, then it is a best custom writing service for your assignment.

  1. Unlimited revisions feature

Many essay writing sites mention that you have a certain number of revisions you can request your writer to make after he sent you a final piece. Some students turn away from that service because they think that if there is a revision option it means that they deliver papers of low quality. What a nonsense! No person in the world can fulfill all instructions perfectly. And free revision is a chance to fix all the errors in your paper and make it look the way it should.

  1. They give you a welcome discount

Choice of a writing company usually takes a lot of time not only because you probably plan a long-term cooperation with them as long as you’re a student. So, when they offer you a discount is a good sign. It means that they value their clients and will offer you more discounts in the future. Why not having your essay written for the lower price?

  1. Writing website maintains a blog

Websites that have articles on how to write an essay and other sufficient blog posts evoke more trust. The logic here is simple: if they write many articles on the procedure essay writing, they really know how to write them, and you don’t have to worry about the quality of your paper.

  1. The company is 2+ years on the market

The number of years for which the company provides writing services plays a significant role too. Study its website and find out whether they indicate in which year they’ve started working. Normally, if the company is 2+ years on the market, you can rely on it.

  1. Writers use sources your institution accepts

It goes without saying that your essay must be 100% unique. A question of credible sources to support arguments in the essay is also critical. Find out the sources that the company uses for research. You can turn to the support manager with this question. If they use the same sources as your professor suggests, you should order your assignment help with no worries!

  1. 24/7 Excellent customer support with a high response rate

A professional service shouldn’t only deliver unique papers of high quality. They should also provide their potential clients and current customers with clear answers to any of their questions. Most students that order essays at online writing companies need their paper to be done ASAP. That is why it is vitally important to respond to all users immediately and follow other golden rules of customer service.

  1. Reliable companies don’t overrate their services

“We are the best essay writing service in the world with top-notch writers who provide papers that guarantees you A+.How many titles with the same message have you met online? I bet, dozens! Really good writing websites will not claim that they are just the best. They’ll prove it with facts: numbers of orders they complete a day, numbers of clients they have helped during the year or month, etc. Trust facts, not self-praising!

  1. They have a referral program

When a writing website is in high demand, its business grows. Gradually, they can allow themselves to offer more discounts to their clients. Welcome discounts are good, but discounts for the attraction of new clients are much better and more profitable for both sides. If a company offer a discount for a new client, who’ll visit their website through the referral link means that they do value each of their clients and are generous for special offers. It is more pleasant to cooperate with such firms.

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