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What Can You Get From An Online MBA?

MBAs have traditionally been the most respected graduate degree in the business world. But many prospective students continue to prefer traditional, on-campus MBA programs, even as online MBA programs proliferate. Is an online MBA really just as good as a traditional MBA?

In most cases, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! Online MBAs are more convenient for adult students since you can earn one while remaining in your full-time job, but that’s not all these degree programs offer. Employers respect the credential just as much as they do traditional MBAs, and many online MBA programs offer opportunities like study-abroad immersion programs, on-campus residencies, live online classes and consulting opportunities with real-world corporations.

Online MBAs Are Convenient

One of the biggest perks of earning an MBA online for most is the convenience. No yawning through night classes after work for you! When you study for your MBA online, you can go over course material when your schedule allows. Want to get up early and do your schoolwork before getting the kids out of bed? Go for it. Want to stay up late and study in the middle of the night? It’s your call. Feel like using your commute time to do homework? Do you.

You’ll Spend Less Money

Because you can take online MBA classes anywhere and at any time, you can stay in your full-time job while you study, and that’s great for your career and your finances. You won’t need to leave the workforce, derailing your career progression for two years while you complete an MBA. You’ll still be able to earn your regular full-time paychecks, which will be great for your bank account, especially if you have a mortgage to pay and some kids to support.

You’ll save on many of the hidden costs of an MBA, too, which include the opportunity cost of leaving the workforce for two years, the costs of moving to a new city, and the costs of commuting to and from class. You may even be able to skip the GMAT or GRE, saving hundreds on testing fees. Of course, if you’re working full-time, you can probably get your employer to pay your tuition, which will make your MBA free.

Online MBAs Offer Great Learning Opportunities

Will you have the same learning opportunities in an online MBA program as you would at a traditional one? Yes, and as a matter of fact, you might even have better ones, depending on your school and program. Standard to most online MBAs are opportunities to become familiar with many forms of communications technology, network with future business leaders from around the world and network with mentors and faculty.

Many online MBA programs also offer additional opportunities, such as the chance to attend regular on-campus residencies where you’ll meet your classmates and professors for intensive face-to-face courses, or the opportunity to travel to business centers around the world for global immersion trips. You may also get the chance to put together presentations for real corporate consulting projects, and most programs give students the chance to learn collaboration skills by using communications technology to work on group projects or attend live meetings in real time.

You’ll Earn Career and Salary Benefits

Many professionals choose to get an MBA for the career and salary benefits they bring. MBA degrees boost careers, even when earned online. The stigma of online MBAs is vanishing as many of the hiring managers and others you interview with for positions have also earned their MBAs online and understand that these programs are just as rigorous as traditional ones. Employers care more about the reputation of the school from which you earned your MBA and not the format of your courses. Most employers probably won’t even ask about whether or not you attended school online, unless you worked while you earned the degree.

If you’re like the typical online MBA student, you’re probably older than the average traditional MBA student and may already have a full-time job, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see career and salary benefits. Students in online MBA programs see an average salary increase of 29 percent by graduation, and 76 percent of online students get promoted or find a new job while in the program.

What can you get out of an online MBA program? A lot! Most online MBA students get just as much out of their programs as their counterparts on campus. Don’t take our word for it — enroll in an online MBA today and discover firsthand what it can do for your career.

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