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The Happiest (And The Unhappiest) States In America For 2018

It probably comes as no surprise that Hawaii was ranked as the happiest state in America for 2018, while West Virginia was ranked first as the country’s unhappiest state. For this study, WalletHub compared all 50 states in three main categories: emotional and physical well-being; work environment; and community and environment. After tallying up the points, California ranked No. 5 with a score of 63.14.

The top five happiest states in the US based on these metrics are Hawaii, Utah, Minnesota, and North Dakota, with California coming in at No. 5. And the top five unhappiest U.S. states are West Virginia, Arkansas; Louisiana; Alaska; and Oklahoma.

Is your state one of them?

Happiest States In America For 2018

1) Hawaii
2) Utah
3) Minnesota
4) North Dakota
5) California
6) Idaho
7) Maryland
8) Iowa
9) South Dakota
10) Nebraska

11) Wisconsin
12) Connecticut
13) New Jersey
14) New York
15) Virginia
16) Massachusetts
17) Washington
18) Colorado
19) Georgia
20) North Carolina

21) Arizona
22) Texas
23) Illinois
24) New Hampshire
25) Kansas
26) Nevada
27) Delaware
28) Montana
29) Florida
30) Pennsylvania

31) Rhode Island
32) Indiana
33) Maine
34) Michigan
35) Wyoming
36) South Carolina
37) Ohio
38) Vermont
39) Oregon
40) Tennessee

Happy Couple

41) New Mexico
42) Missouri
43) Mississippi
44) Kentucky
45) Alabama
46) Oklahoma
47) Alaska
48) Louisiana
49) Arkansas
50) West Virginia

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