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Most Favorite Water Sports In Australia For Fun Loving Travelers

Australia is a place where you can enjoy a plethora of activities that will give you a great adrenaline rush. If you are fit and fine, avail the water sports activities in Australia to get the best of the exhilarating experiences.

Here is a list of enthralling fun-filled water sports activities which you should not miss once you are in Australia.

  1. Underwater Scooter Tour at Gordon’s Bay, Sydney

Enjoy the fun aquatic exploration of Gordon Bay. It’s one of Sydney’s favorite spots. Before starting the dive, you have to meet the guide and listen to his advice carefully. You can view that magnificent marine life above through the cold waters, and enjoy the starfish, cuttlefish, sea anemones, blue groper and even more. Any confident swimmer can dive down till the ocean floor. Lesser experienced swimmer, however, can similarly enjoy underwater scooter. This exciting activity starts from 10 am and continues till late night. The underwater sports activity continues for three hours.

  1. Surfing Experience at Byron Bay

You will simply master the art of surfing at the beautiful Byron Bay. You might be part of a small group that consists of six people which would ensure that you get plenty of attention. You will be given hands-on assistance to catch more waves. You will progress quicker with a smile on face. The pick-up point is from Byron to the main beach in Clarkes. While you engage yourself in this exciting activity, you will make sure that you’ve learned a few tricks. It will last for about two hours.

  1. Jet-ski and Parasailing at Gold Coast

You will feel the ultimate of exhilaration with this adrenaline fun packed activity. Once you jet ski through the clear blue water, you will experience test laps. Parasailing through the tranquil Prussian blue sky is truly magical. You will be able to see the surfer’s paradise skyline through the mountain of Gold Coast Hinterland which includes Tambourine Mountains and Spring Brook. You will see the wild bottled nose dolphin, sea turtles and also a dugong.  The tour takes place in the day, and you will have ample time to witness the beauties of the coast.

  1. Jet-boating Ride at Gold Coast in Australia

Feel thrilled to engage you in an adventurous boat ride in the golden coasts of Australia. You will experience the hi-speed spins, slides, and drifts along the waterways. This one hour ride will make you feel at the seventh heaven. You will spot wild dolphins and other marine animals as you pass along the waterfront. This activity takes place from 10 am to 10 pm on an everyday basis. You may check in 30 minutes before departure. You will also enjoy the 360-degree spins and water slides. Stay engrossed with the glitz and glam of the Gold Coast’s waterfront mansions of the rich and famous people.

  1. Parasailing at Cairns

In case you are looking for some exciting time with parasailing activity, then this is the best-suggested activity for you. If you want to explore Cairns and enjoy the stunning rainforest mountains, then parasailing is the best option. You would love the view from the parasailing vantage point. Various planes depart from Trinity inlet, thereby taking guests to the reef and the rainforests. If you look beneath you, then you will see flying fishes, turtles, dolphins and native dugongs. Before commencing the journey, you will be briefed.

  1. Bumper Tube Ride at Cairns

Ride on the exciting big Mable, which is a 4 person bumper tube or might be a banana boat for cruising round Trinity inlet. The fun will be truly outrageous. When you ride along the tube, you feel the real centrifugal force around you. You will swing side to side in the custom-made parasailing vessel. It is indeed a great way to see the Cairns foreshore and have a flavor of the water fun. While the tube spins, you will feel the weight of your body on your arms. There are four different slots for the tour.

  1. Jet Ride Ski at Cairns

One of the best ways to see the coasts of Cairns is by hiring a jet ski. The place, which is a world heritage asset, can be enjoyed with the raging waves of Trinity inlet. You will enjoy the enchanting views of the city of Cairns, along with its beautiful rainforest mountain and glistering waters of coral–sea. If you are lucky, you will see dolphin, turtles and also dugongs. You could be riding the Yamaha four-stroke which is built with stability and great comfort.

  1. Jet Boating, Jet-ski and Parasailing in Gold coast

The trio activities will give you the desired adrenaline rush, and you will feel the great exhilaration. You can indulge in parasailing activities and fly through clear blue skies. Be prepared to parasail over beautiful broad waters and see the skyline which is a surfer’s paradise. Have a panoramic view of the South Stradbroke Island, Wave Break Island, Gold Coast Seaway, and the Hinterland of Tambourine Mountains. You can skillfully whip the powerboat and whizz past the rocky outcrops, crags, and boulders. The jet boat will whizz at a dramatic speed of 85 kilometers per hour.

  1. Fly Boarding and Parasailing in Gold Coast

Enjoy fly boarding and parasailing activity to give you the ultimate thrill. You’ll be given a thorough and full safety briefing before you start your adventure journey. You will be parasailing through the blue skies and enjoy the breathtaking scenic sights from a distance. Fly board, is the latest innovative water sport that has taken the world by storm. The thrust coming from the jet-ski gives propulsion that sets the fly board standing, the latter being attached with a 20-meter hosepipe.

  1. Jet-ski Island Safari and Buggy Ride in Gold Coast

The adventurous jet-ski activity is a 1.5-hour adventure that will give you an adrenaline rush that surges within your heart. You can travel 30 km South of Stradbroke Island to discover a sovereign island that is the address of some rich and famous. Enjoy the buggy tour adventure with a two-seater ATV buggy. The twin-seater buggies have 4 by 4 automatics, which makes it a quite easy drive. Experience the eco-tour through the littoral rainforest, and cherish your time through the cabbage palms, eucalyptus, sedges, and paperbacks.

  1. Kayak Touring to South Straddie and Wave Break Island

You can paddle along the short passage of Gold Coast broad water, and explore the beautiful white sandy beach. While paddling the island, you can enjoy the aquatic creatures like dolphins, stingrays or turtles. After paddling for 25 minutes, you will arrive at the Northern side of the island and then embark on a 30-minute walk to see the Wallaby kangaroos. You can enjoy a 2-hour ride on the island. Cherish the complimentary delicious lunch at wave break -island and enjoy some digital photo moments. You can also rejoice activities at the beach like clear bottom kayak, fishing and also floating.

Visit Australia and discover the cherished days of your life.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Most Favorite Water Sports In Australia For Fun Loving Travelers
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