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Revealed: Countries That Pays Public High School Teachers The Most, 2018

The starting salary for a high school teacher with no experience in Luxembourg is about $79,129 a year on average, that’s according to data published by the World Bank and reported by Business Insider. $35,500 more than what the average teacher in the United States makes.

After Luxembourg, Switzerland ranks second on the list of highest teachers’ starting salaries, placing it above Germany, Norway, and Denmark. After the United States, they include Mexico with an average teacher salary of $42,816; Spain with $41,886; Australia with $40,762; and the Netherlands with $39,098. Canada pays its teachers $39,071.90 per year.

These are the countries where public high school teachers can earn the highest starting salary:

1. Luxembourg — $79,129.67 per year
2. Switzerland — $69,704.74 per year
3. Germany — $61,418.47 per year
4. Norway — $47,313.23 per year
5. Denmark —$46,784.11 per year

6. United States — $43,556.76 per year
7. Mexico — $42,816.51 per year
8. Spain — $41,886.99 per year
9. Australia — $40,762.47 per year
10. The Netherlands — $39,098.02 per year

11. Canada — $39,071.90 per year
12. Finland — $37,728.28 per year
13. Austria — $37,122.44 per year
14. Sweden — $36,766.81 per year
15. Costa Rica — $33,519.29 per year
16. Portugal — $32,563.75 per year
17. France — $31,421.49 per year

10 countries where teachers can earn the highest starting salary

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