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Top Luxury Beaches in Australia For 2018

Australia is known for its luxury beach destinations and acts as a crowd puller of visitors around the world.  It’s popular for white sand beaches which are filled with activities and other attractions. Almost all the beaches are provided with patrols who keep a vigil eye on the safety of visitors. If you are dreaming about enjoying the pristine beach, let’s have a look around the top luxury beach destinations that make Australia the most desired place to be.

  1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

The pristine beach in Australia is stretched over seven kilometers in Whitsunday Island with a smack bang situated in the middle. You will just love the crystal clear water which is perfect for snorkeling. The best point is experienced at Tongue point, where you might see a beautiful array of light that remains visible during low tide.  The beach bustles with tourists who love to swim in the water, enjoy sunbathing in the bright sun and have a luscious barbeque lunch here.

Visit to enjoy the swimming competition which is held each year in November and is continued since November 2009. The beach is famous and has been featured in popular movies and video games.

  1. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

The turquoise bay of Western Australia is deemed to be one of the best bays in Australia which has exclusively stunning reef and also snorkeling opportunities. The current will direct you to the Ningaloo reef, but the wary of the current is always towards the sandbar. You will love to explore the beaches filled with colorful parrotfish, anemone fish, starfish, moon wrath, and reef shark. Tourists will love to spend time and explore opportunities like snorkeling, swimming and relaxing.  The white shores give a chance to enjoy a plethora of marine life.

If you are an inexperienced swimmer but desire to snorkel at the Bay, then you can seek the services of licensed tour operators.

  1. Cable Beach, Broome

Cable beach at Broom is another Australian jewel which is a stretch of 22 kilometers of pure white sand, clearest blue waters and also a backdrop of red hills. You can enjoy a plethora of opportunities like riding camels along the shore, enjoying the gentle waves and even the sea waves which is an attention seeker for swimmers. You will be astonished to see the 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprint at low tide along the Gantheaume Point, which lies along the southern end of the Cable beach. During the season of migration, tourists are overwhelmed to see the whales frolicking in water along with playful dolphins.

You will just love this fun-filled environment where the sea creatures tend to impress the humans.

  1. Bells Beach, Victoria

Bells Beach in Australia is known as one of the best beaches for surfing. Known for its powerful surf and huge swells, the Bells Beach is not regarded as one of the safest beaches for swimming, but swimmers are recommended to use a board. You may visit here again for Rip Curl Pro competition that takes place every year over Easter. High cliffs around the beach are a perfect match to the picturesque scenario. It attracts the best surfers from all over the world.

One of the world’s longest surfing competitions takes place at Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

  1. Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold coast

Burleigh Heads Beach is located beside a highway, and this untouched paradise is amazingly clean. This unpolluted and pristine environment with plenty of walking tracks and excellent surfing conditions are fun to explore. The area for swimming is patrolled by lifeguards, thereby making this beach a perfect option for families who look for enjoyment alongside the water.

The waves also draw the surfers, and the surrounding parkland area is best suited for the picnic lovers. You might enjoy the wildlife that includes sight of sea eagles, dolphin pods and brush turkeys. This area is characterized by fragrant pine trees.

  1. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

The Port Douglas’s Four Mile Beach is one of the most popular hotspots of Australia, and it was regarded as a sleepy coastal town beach. It is a four-kilometer beach that stretches from Mowbray River rock and reef. You will just love the crystal clear water that laps against the beaches. Tourists will happily spend time sunbathing, dozing and swimming and enjoying the scintillating sunset.  Port Douglas lifesaving club always patrols at the Northern end.  For safety reasons, a net is put in place during stinger season.

For a tourist who spends a part of his life in Four Mile beach, it’s difficult to get over the hangover.

  1. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

As a part of Freycinet National park, Wineglass Bay stretches several miles away from Hobart and Launceston. If you are looking for accommodation at Wineglass Bay, it will range from camping arrangement or even ultimate luxury. Bring your caravan if you want to enjoy the communal experience. You may also hire a well-equipped cabin or might be pampered at a hosted bed and breakfast.

You will be amazed to find the pink granite mountain rising from the sea which forms a magnificent sheltered waterway. Enjoy fishing, boating, bushwalking and sea kayaking along the shores.

  1. Noosa Main Beach, Noosa

It’s one of the beaches that are north-facing, and its gentle waves are just perfect for those who are not much familiar with high ocean waves. The beach, which is one of the popular ones, is located at the heart of Hastings street shopping arena, and also a restaurant precinct. In fact, there are life surfers who patrol each day for the safety of the travelers. Dolphins and whales are quite frequent here. Surfers can also take an attempt to try the Noosa Park headland, all for a better surfing experience in the high waves.

This beach is used all over the year for activities that include sunbathing and fishing.

  1. Hyams Beach, New South Wales

Jervis Bay Hyams beach is nestled amongst the Booderee National park and Jervis Bay Marine Park. It has plenty of cliff top walking trails and native forests. It’s well known for incredible white sand and also a playground for the rich and famous. It’s a noted point to enjoy snorkeling and diving in this area. There are some other activities like windsurfing, sea kayaking, dolphin watching and sailing. The National Park offers some idyllic bushwalks and other activities.

The beach is known for having turquoise colored water and also brilliantly colored white sand and pure quartz.

  1. Bondi Beach, Sydney

Various locals and tourist from around the world love to explore Bondi, the famous beach that provides several opportunities for watching people. The beach is home to the world’s most coveted beach, the First Surf lifesaving club.  The iconic beach is always crowded with bathers, walkers, and swimmers. It has clean shores and has a close vicinity to the center of Sydney and thereby it makes it a popular and accessible destination.

Traditionally, the Bondi beach is known for the fight with ‘Bondi’ sticks that make it a favorite place.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Luxury Beaches in Australia For 2018
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