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Amazing Tech Tools You need To Enhance Your Tax Business

Starting your own tax business can be extremely rewarding. Being able to set your flexible schedule as well as being your boss is appealing. However, it can also be extremely stressful if you aren’t organized and prepared.

Read on for these fantastic tech tools you can use to enhance your tax business. These tools will have you on your way to an organized and efficient tax season.

# ProConnect.

ProConnect is an income tax software for preparers to use when working on client’s taxes. This program can help you streamline your daily processes with the help of 27 “time-saving features.”

  • Constant on-screen help: ProSeries offers a search bar with access to any questions or text support you might need.
  • Client status, and missing client data: review and keep track of progress and status of client returns. Keep track of all of the missing client data in performance using accounting software. Then, track the status, email the client a request, and quickly link back to the field location as you receive updates on the missing data.
  • Client Specific Billing: Set up client specific billing options using different billing methods (flat fees, hourly fees or charges per form).  Also includes a billing clock and editable invoice.
  • Multiyear e-Filing: E-file returns for the current year and two years back, for all federal and state returns that are supported for electronic filing.

# BaseCamp

Basecamp is a web-based project management tool that is used for collaborations and communication with other companies/ individuals within your company. Basecamp can be beneficial to your tax business if you have other partners or employees. You can assign them tasks and deadlines, as well as details and notes about the tasks. Conversations can be organized within each project. Your team can all communicate fluidly within one platform. Instead of separating using different tools, Basecamp puts everything together; tasks files schedules and more.

  • Create to-do lists for all the work you need to complete and assign tasks with specified due dates.
  • Use message boards to keep the conversation about a specific together in one single space.
  • Keep track of schedules with dated to-dos and events.
  • Use file storage to keep documents, files and images in one central location.


When you’re working remotely and with such sensitive information, it is imperative that you have a secure e-sign portal like DocuSign to send and receive documents. There are tons of different options for this. It is even believed to be safer than faxing or mailing, because each document is encrypted, and the audit trail is maintained. With all the other software listed above, you can keep all of your signed and notarized documents organized by client.

  • Sign, send, or manage documents anywhere, on any device
  • Authenticate signers for added protection
  • Prepare documents and collect signatures

#Evernote Business

If you want to improve collaboration amongst your team members, consider Evernote Business. This note-taking software helps you create new visibility into current projects, providing insight into workflow and keeping deadlines at top of mind. Create notes, share them, and send files in real time to ensure your employees always have access to your latest updates. By finding the information you need faster, you can improve your accounting processes, while working better together as a team.

  • Save and sync typed text, audio files, reminders, images, sketches, and more
  • Annotate uploaded documents and images
  • Chat with teammates
  • Search your notes

Every skilled accountant knows that technology is changing the face of the accounting world. Don’t be left in the dust; upgrade your practice with these must-have software products and transform your daily productivity—the profits are sure to follow.

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