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Pro Tips: Ensure Email Deliverability with the Help of An Email Address Checker

Email has become a ubiquitous tool in our society, particularly in the workplace, where it is the standard method of communication. For online marketers building email campaigns, email is more crucial now than ever, and that’s why they are using an email address checker, to make sure they collect and keep only valid email addresses.

However, the question arises as to what a valid email address is. A valid email address belongs to a deliverable email account.

Description of valid email address

An email address has its syntax specified in RFC 2821.

A valid email address has three parts to it – the local part before the @ symbol, the domain name after the @ symbol and the top-level domain name after the dot or period. All of these three parts have to be accurate for the entire email address to be valid. If the local part at the beginning contains invalid characters, if the domain does not exist and if the top level domain is not inserted properly, the email will not get delivered.

We can think of an email address as <local>@<domain>.<tld>

In the local part of the email address before the @  the characters that are allowed are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, !, #, $, %, &, ‘, *, +, -, /, =, ?, ^, _, `, “, {, }, |, ~.

After the @ there is a dot or period but not at the beginning or the end.

The local part of the email address, often called username, must not exceed 64 characters and the domain name is limited to 255 characters. In practice, the maximum number of characters an email address can have is 254.

What is an email address checker?

An email address checker helps you discover if the email address is syntactically correct and deliverable. Many websites require filling in an email address for user identification. Digital marketers also need to know if the email addresses in their mailing list are valid.

The mission of an email address checker is to edit out bad email addresses and ensure maximum deliverability and customer engagement.

An email address checker performs the following tasks to find if an email address is valid and deliverable:

  1. Examine email address syntax
  2. Weed out duplicate email address from the list
  3. Check if an email address is blacklisted or is temporary
  4. Validate that individual domain specific mailbox rules are correct.
  5. Check for questionable names
  6. Check if the mail exchange record of the domain is valid and accepting mail
  7. Verify the existence of SMTP server for the domain
  8. Verify the existence of a deliverable mailbox

An email address checker helps business that uses email marketing to ensure they reach their subscribers and maintain their sending reputation intact. The system removes invalid email addresses, along with spam traps, disposable, role-based, catch-all and abuse emails.

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