Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Here Are The Top 25 Fastest Growing Cities In The United States, 2018

Austin, Texas was ranked number one among America’s fastest-growing cities by the consumer finance website, MagnifyMoney. Provo, Utah was named No. 2, followed by Raleigh, N.C. at No. 3, Charleston, S.C. at No. 4, Nashville, Tenn. at No. 5, and Denver at No. 6.

In fact, six Texas cities made the top 25 with 5 of them ranking in the top 15. Dallas, San Antonio, McAllen, Houston made the top 15 with the ranks of 7, 9, 10, and 11, respectively. El Paso ranked 24 on the list.

The clear star of the show is number one ranked Austin, which has become America’s superlative economy over the past decade. Here are the 25 fastest-growing cities in the United States. The study’s methodology ranks cities based on multiple growth factors, including population, number of housing units, labor force, unemployment rate, median income and business growth.

Here are the top 25 fastest-growing cities in the United States, 2018:

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Provo, Utah
  3. Raleigh, North Carolina
  4. Charleston, South Carolina
  5. Nashville, Tennessee
  6. Denver, Colorado
  7. Dallas, Texas
  8. Boise, Idaho
  9. San Antonio, Texas
  10. McAllen, Texas
  11. Houston, Texas
  12. Ogden, Utah
  13. Charlotte, North Carolina
  14. Orlando, Florida
  15. Des Moines, Iowa
  16. Durham, North Carolina
  17. Fort Myers, Florida
  18. Salt Lake City
  19. San Jose, California
  20. Seattle, Washington
  21. Portland, Oregon
  22. San Francisco, California
  23. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  24. El Paso, Texas
  25. Sarasota, Florida

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