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How to Change Your Business to Change the World

It’s time to change that school of thought.  By limiting your perception of people, you limit your company’s results—which is crazy!

Why wouldn’t every single leader rethink their approach to achieve their full business potential by engaging in people’s full human potential? Why not expect incredible results encourage them all to live up to your standards which is their full potential?

You’ll never get the most out of people if you continue operating under “business as usual.” What are you waiting for?

Is it too much of a risk to trust people? Perhaps it’s too much
of a “leap of faith” to fully engage in the human potential. Seems too “out there.” The only thing you trust is results, results, and more results!

But do you trust yourself?

Believing in people and your perception of them is anything but “out there.” Pursue excellence through a complete embrace of the real power within each person you know. Unleash the full potential of every person, and you will grow your business in all the ways you currently measure growth and more.

When you unlearn the endlessly limiting schools of thought about leadership—and move beyond measuring success only by numbers—you will discover something amazing:

You’re finally thinking for yourself.

Thinking requires a clear mind—one that’s open to all possibilities—and the creativity to use your ideas successfully. However, subscribing to a particular school of thought keeps most people from thinking for yourself. Instead of being fully present to the situation and the people around you, you use models, methods, and measurements to assess people’s value. You rely on data,
and when the data are accurate, many leaders attempt to skew it to support what you want it to say.

At the core, thinking freely is letting go of what you “know” to allow room for what you don’t know. This state of presence accelerates your curiosity and invites others into your critical and creative processing.

From this space of intellectual freedom, rather than a place of rigid ideology, you grow, everyone around you grows, your business grows, and you change the world.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - How to Change Your Business to Change the World
Guy Pierce Bell
Guy Pierce Bell shares his passion for humanizing business by writing, speaking, and connecting with businesses willing to re-imagine what is possible.