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Revealed: The World’s Healthiest Cities To Live In 2018; Amsterdam, Oslo, And Munich Tops

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is ranked as the healthiest city in the world, that’s according to a report conducted by Spotahome. In 2nd place sat Oslo in Norway, followed closely by Munich, Rotterdam, and Berlin — Europe houses eight of the top ten healthiest cities.

The ranking is based on a report that studied over 89 cities around the globe. Cities were judged on ten criteria including annual sunshine hours, life expectancy, work-life balance, air and water quality and annual holidays. Two Indian cities make the healthiest cities list – Mangalore came in at No, 24 and Chennai No. 79th.

The World’s Healthiest Cities To Live In 2018

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. Oslo, Norway
3. Munich, Germany
4. Rotterdam, Netherlands
5. Berlin, Germany

6. Tallinn, Estonia
7. Vienna, Austria
8. Adelaide, Australia
9. Helsinki, Finland
10. Perth, Australia

11. Brisbane, Australia
12. Stockholm, Sweden
13. Hamburg, Germany
14. Canberra, Australia
15. Valencia, Spain

16. Gothenburg, Sweden
17. Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. Lisbon, Portugal
19. Copenhagen, Denmark
20. Wellington, New Zealand

21. Montreal, Canada
22. Singapore
23. Geneva, Switzerland
24. Mangalore, India
25. Zurich, Switzerland

26. Luxembourg
27. Lyon, France
28. Frankfurt, Germany
29. Melbourne, Australia
30. Bratislava, Slovakia

31. Vancouver, Canada
32. Vilnius. Lithuania
33. Muscat, Oman
34. San Francisco, United States
35. Auckland, New Zealand

36. Rome, Italy
37. Seoul, South Korea
38. Dublin, Ireland
39. Zagreb, Croatia
40. London, United Kingdom

41. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
42. Tel Aviv, Israel
43. Porto, Portugal
44. Madrid, Spain
45. Chicago, United States

46. Moscow, Russia
47. Toronto, Canada
48. Sydney, Australia
49. Tokyo, Japan
50. Budapest, Hungary

51. Warsaw, Poland
52. Barcelona, Spain
53. Prague, Czech Republic
54. New York, United States
55. Marseille, France

56. Brussels, Belgium
57. Hong Kong
58. Belgrade, Serbia
59. Reykjavik, Iceland
60. Cape Town, South Africa

61. Milan, Italy
62. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
63. Houston, United States
64. Paris, France
65. Athens, Greece

66. Cork, Ireland
67. Los Angeles, United States
68. Leeds, United Kingdom
69. Doha, Qatar
70. Lille, France

71. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
72. Bursa, Turkey
73. Bangkok, Thailand
74. Buenos Aires, Argentina
75. Santiago, Chile

76. Bucharest, Romania
77. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
78. Lima, Peru
79. Chennai, India
80. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

81. Manchester, United Kingdom
82. Cairo, Egypt
83. Izmir, Turkey
84. Bogotá, Colombia
85. Mexico City. Mexico

86. São Paulo, Brazil
87. Shanghai, China
88. Istanbul, Turkey
89. Casablanca, Morocco

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