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Luxury Essentials From The Most Liveable Contours Of Canada

Seasoned travelers like to keep their backpack ready for every impromptu trip that they take up. If you are roaming around in Canada, no compromises are acceptable upon your travel gear provided that it inspires ideas of an epicurean lifestyle on move.

Whenever you walk past the natives on Canadian streets, there is an enlightening aura of yours that mesmerizes the passersby like a sweeping wind of change.

You are free to travel and explore the gifts of life but not without carrying your home memories on-the-go.

Buy Stylish Yet Functional

So, you look for a holdall that can store all your stylish, durable and functional items. It is to make sure that you look as good after hitting the road as you seemed a few hours back in front of the mirror. Here are few of the things that can be pulled out of your bag anytime on a journey anywhere. Owning a trendy parka of the brand, Canada Goose Kensington would be the best thing that happened to you in a harsh wintry weather.

A Duck-Down Filled, Comfy Parka

It is comfortable, duck-down filled jacket unusually fashionable for a quilted garment. Among the popular styles doing the rounds, the topmost design is a thigh-length parka with a fleece-lined hood of slim silhouette. It is just appropriate for playing snow games at the North Pole as for spinning on an ice-rink or stroll in the avenues. Pick it up at an authorized retail shop and you have a life-long investment.

Your Favorite Binoculars 

Someone wiser discovered the Swarovski Optik binoculars at the luxurious tented Zarafa camp in Botswana. They are a powerful pair with robust lens protectors. Though, a new EL32 Swarovski model, it is not embedded with crystals but offers clear enough close-ups of bird flights and bathing hippos. If you are going in the deep waters, a diving watch from Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is a must-have. This watch is made for the ideal male who is not afraid of going deep into the murky waters.

An Ultimate Diving Watch Possession

The watch speaks clearly of style with substance. It shows the date and chronograph but unique due to being made of different materials blends. It comprises of grade 5 titanium, ceramic, zirconium alloy and liquid metal. It comes with leather, rubber or steel straps. For the old school people fond of sundowners, luxury tents and jeep safaris, a colonial vintage Globetrotter Safari Trolley luggage.

The Unique Solar Travel Bag

A Crosskase Solar 15 travel bag charges all your portable but essential devices that include a phone, GPS, camera and music devices through solar panels. Before packing off to faraway excursions, a Henri Lloyd Ocean King water-resistant boot should be your last buy to end it with a touch of flamboyance. Be a leader who waits for his crew to board the ship in a well-equipped sailing attire. The appearance is synonymous with the stout ambassadors.

Waterproof Solid Grip Boots

The brand offers a range of waterproof gear other than the solid grip boots that are capable of protecting sailors in the worst climate. If you have purchased parka for a sleek look, these boots are for the rugged humans. Now, Trench foot is a fear far away. Then, one thing that you need to weather the worst storms is The Bear Grylls multipurpose knife. Real adventures invite dangers in the most unexpected ways and all you require is a hope for survival. So, an all-purpose knife would work best for you to fight distress in the densest wilderness while staying agile.

A Sharp, Purposeful Knife for Adventures

The knife talked about here has a fire starter too with an emergency whistle. Still, if you feel like not prepared well, join Bear Grylls Survival Academy and learn how to use a knife with precision.

Having these items in your gear means that you know the Canadian landscape well and are geared up to take on the challenges head-on while touring it.

Therefore, make sure that you have all of the luxury essentials mentioned above when setting foot in Canada for the best holiday experiences evading troubles.

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