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5 Ways to Improve Your Startup Cash Flow

One of the biggest concerns for any new start up is maintaining a steady cash flow. Building your brand image, providing the best services etc is achievable only when you have adequate cash. Facing hard time to manage capital? Well, in today’s digital world where finance is getting more and more complex; you need to look for ways that help you enjoy a healthy flow of cash.

Tips to help you row your cash flow boat successfully:

  1. Client issues:

Always use a trusted cash flow forecasting tool when aiming to improve your business’ finances. Non-paying and slow paying clients are one of the biggest problems. This can lead to cash flow issues. You need to discuss this with the client. It is always better to clear the payment terms and conditions before hand. Just be clear on the credit period that you are willing to give. Set terms and conditions so that they pay on time. However, if the client is consistently in the defaulter list then it is better to say goodbye to him. Cash flow forecasting tools can help you better prepare for that.

  1. Right time for investments:

You must know when the time is right to make investments that can help in the growth of the company. Be careful in investing in new resources. Only when you are making consistent profits and there is stability in business you must invest in new growth plans. You must also have a plan ready to make up for the investments that you have made.

  1. Do not mess with business and personal finances:

Never make the mistake to mix personal expenses and business profits. If you make this one mistake, then you are messing up with things. You need to keep a track of your personal expenses as well as your business finances but these two needs to be done separately.

  1. It is all about profits and debts:

If you want your business to survive then you have to make profits. In order to increase your profitability you will have to increase your profit margins by increasing the cost of the products and services that are doing well. If there is more demand for a particular product then you may have to increase the volumes of that product. Correspondingly, the less profit making products and services may have to be phased out with time.

Now every business will have debts. What is important is that you need to clear these debts in time. If you just keep them, piling up you will reach a point when it may not be possible to clear these debts and this can lead you into big trouble.

  1. Maintaining records is a must:

Bookkeeping is important for every business. You have to maintain proper financial records. It is not enough to maintain these records but you must also study them closely in order to know from where the profits are approaching. It will also give you a better idea about the problem areas. You will be able to get a better idea about the expenses as well as the profits. These records will also help you understand how you can decrease the unwanted expenditure. You will also get a better idea on how to increase your profits.

Any business no matter big or undersized can continue to exist only with capital. There has to be an uninterrupted cash flow. If you are an entrepreneur, it is essential for you to be aware of all the minute details of your business. Well, you can only then formulate strategies that can help you to maintain a stable flow of money. It is important that you focus on key factors like strategies to increase profits, having regular collections from clients, doing away with nonprofit making products and services, clearing debts in time and making sure that you make investments at the right time.

Carry out a continuous balancing act with your earnings (returns) and expenses (costs). Follow the tips and keep your business afloat, even during crisis.

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