Thursday, February 27, 2020

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Top 10 States With The Best (And The Worst) School Systems In America, 2018

When it comes to academics, a new study ranked the school systems in every state (plus the District of Columbia) to see which state have the best and worst school systems. Researchers at the WalletHub looked at data on areas as varied as the class-size, funding, and performance to the safety and instructor credentials.

Based on those factors, Massachusetts is at the top of the list while New Mexico is dead last. Unfortunately, neither New York or California make the grade in the top 10. Massachusetts ranked first overall.

States with the best school systems, 2018

    1. Massachusetts
    2. New Jersey
    3. Connecticut
    4. New Hampshire
    5. Vermont
    6. Virginia
    7. Minnesota
    8. Maryland
    9. Wisconsin
    10. Colorado

States with the worst school systems, 2018

  1. New Mexico (ranked 51st)
  2. New Mexico
  3. District of Columbia (Washington DC)
  4. Alaska
  5. Arizona
  6. Nevada
  7. Mississippi
  8. Alabama
  9. Oregon
  10. West Virginia (ranked 42nd)

Emma London
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