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Is Your Hiring Process Really Fair? Think Before You Claim

There is no denying that Bias in hiring is flourishing widely. From words used in job postings to interviews and final recruitments, the companies haven’t been deliberate about their hiring structures lately, which allow the bias to grow.

The recruiters have a lot of information about the candidate and try to make the best decision possible. Nevertheless, the ones who make the decision are humans, and the results are not only based on logic, knowledge and emotions, but on experiences, emotions, and more.

According to an HBR researcher-“bias causes the recruiter to make decisions in favor of one person to the detriment of others.”

How Is The Hiring Process Unfair?

The recruiters have always relied on the traditional hiring methods like face to face interviews, telephonic interviews, and more to choose the best. But did you know that the face to face ones have a personal touch and lack of understanding the candidate’s potential?

Moreover, there are various disturbing truths that are present in the unfair world of hiring includes- According to the Italian culture, the candidates are judged on the basis of their appearance, their current employment status, and on lack of business analytics. Furthermore, the usage of unstructured interviews (an interview in which the set of questions are not set in advance) also leads to an unfair hiring process.

A 2009 report from the Department Of Work And Pension found that the candidates who had their names associated with minorities had to submit 74% more response than the individuals with the white sounding names.

There are chances that even a fair employer has its own set of biases primarily known as the unconscious bias. Though the biases are harmless, but it makes you choose one candidate over each other which is discrimination against other candidates.

So to end the bias, have you ever given a thought of making your recruitment process fair? Or the usage of technology while making recruitment decisions?

Well, if you want to hire the best, here is how you can make your hiring process really fair.

Tips On How Can You Make Your Hiring Process Fair

Discrimination while hiring is all the rage these days. It is quite prevalent and comes with a lot of consequences, which most of us are unaware of.

While you are hiring the workforce for your company, you should create a recruiting process that does not discriminate and has a fair decision for everyone. A fair hiring process provides you with a lot of benefits like higher acceptance rates, productivity and employee retention.

Here are top tips to make the entire hiring process fair:

  • By Creating A Competency-Based Process 

    One of the simplest ways to avoid the bias during the recruiting process is to follow a competency-based process. It is important that you have complete information about the job role and the company structure.You should be sure of the right set of qualification and map individual behavior for your requirements. Apart from this, you should also adopt the state of art technologies; identify the critical competencies to build a winning team.

    And for the best, first, go for competency-based process and then hiring managers should use the structured interviews for the selection.

  • By Using Online Tools and Assessments
    Usually, companies go for traditional hiring methods, but they do not realize that it does not allow you to judge an individual effectively.So try to understand the hiring prejudices and give a chance to online assessments and tools. Known as one of the most cost-effective approaches, it helps you to match the potential candidates with the job profile. Whether the people are from a different city or groups, it is an unbiased process that will judge an individual based on his knowledge, not on the basis of race, caste, color or religion.
  • Consider Remote Proctoring.
    If you are subjecting the candidates to online tests, consider remote proctoring. It is an innovative tool that is connected to the system of test takers. This tool locks the computer with the online testing software that prohibits the access to all applications to all the web-based and exiting information that can be used for cheating in the exam.
  • By Using The Structured Interviews
    To avoid the biases during the interview, it is essential that you stick to structured interviews. An unstructured interview can help you determine the sustainability, but they simply let you do a bit of unconscious bias. So use the structured interview as it has a pre-determined set of questions which is asked in the same order to every candidate.
  • Give The Candidates A Reason For Rejection
    According to a 2015 study by CareerBuilder, out of 5,000 U.S. job applicants, only 27% of the surveyed candidates said that the employer they interviewed forgave a proper explanation of why they did not get the job.To make your process fair, it is important that you identify the reason and inform it to the candidate so that they are sure that factors like gender, physical abilities, age, personality, and more did not play an important role in recruiting decision.

Benefits of Using Online Recruiting Tools 

The online recruiting tools and technologies not only assess the ability but judge the IQ levels, possible behaviors of the employee. After all, it is next to impossible to look for a true person’s worth in just a small conversation, as done in the traditional interview.

Whenever you use a traditional approach:

  • You Don’t Get A Complete Picture Of Candidates Capability: The online assessment tests do not judge the candidate on factors like appearance or behavior, and give you a better idea of the candidate’s capability. By going through the online test, an individual is able to prove its worth and show his actual knowledge and potential.
  • Candidates Go Under Performance Stress: There are instances when the stress of dressing appropriately and understanding the situations takes a toll on their overall performance. It will not only make a candidate lose the job but will also make the business lose top talent. Through the online test, the assessment of skills is objective and is not based upon any personal preferences.
  • The Mood Of Interviewee Affects The Decisions: With the online assessment tools, the mood of the interviewer or the personality of the interviewee will affect any the hiring decisions. Furthermore, with these tests, candidates also have a feeling of treated with respect and equality.

And, above all, it provides the clear picture of the candidate to the company. 

Hiring the workforce is one of the most important aspects of every business. To make a high performing organization, it is essential that the new hire should be the ideal match for the culture, required skills and the team.

Every organization looks for the best hiring process, and online tools and assessments come to their rescue. Although the final decision is still based on human-based approach, the online tools and technologies act as an effective and fair way of sourcing the top talents.

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