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The World’s Top 10 Exotic Beaches Of All Time

Most people define exotic beaches in words like white sand, clear water, rugged coasts and of course the waves. But in reality, beautiful beaches are nothing but the paradise on earth that exists in all the corners of this amazing planet. Some beaches are most famous; some are unexplored gems, some more photogenic and some last in our memory for the lifetime.

It is indeed hard to judge the best amongst them as each one of them is beautiful in its own way and has something unique to offer you. Still, the top 10 exotic beaches of all time are listed here.

  1. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesian Islands

Matira Beach is world’s one of the best beaches. This tiny little paradise is located at the tip of the Bora Bora. You will be spellbound while watching the sun melting at sunset into the turquoise water. The location is ideal for leisure with the relaxed lifestyle and adventurous activities. You can stay in floating bungalows or in a traditional hotel. This place is pocket-friendly and suitable for both big and low budget.

  1. Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

It is believed to be once the sanctuary for the Mayan goddess Lx-Chel. Now this tiny beach in the north of Cancun, Mexico is one of the best beaches. It is also an ideal spot in this region to watch the sunset over the water. The most exciting part is that you can even have a once in a lifetime opportunity to feed whale sharks here. The golf cart is the medium of transportation to explore the island. In this spot, the nightlife is very active, and you can also enjoy plenty of exquisite seafood.

  1. Anse Source d’Argent – La Digue Island, Seychelles

There are total one hundred and fifteen islands in Seychelles. Anse Source d’Argent is the most popular out of them. The reefs, lagoons, flora and fauna, sea turtles make this beach famous. It is due to its popularity that you can find Anse Source d’Argent featured in the advertisement of Bacardi Ram. Its white sand beach, sometimes pink makes it a real paradise on the earth. Here, you can see towering boulders worn over time. Divers and snorkelers from around the whole world gather here to swim with the colorful fishes and to see the whale sharks in the clear water.

  1. Giant’s Causeway Beach – Ireland

Declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, this beach deserves a special mention. The interlocking basalt columns that extended upwards out of the sea make this beach an exotic one out of the other beaches across the world. This spot is also heaven for seabirds such as cormorant, fulmar, petrel, shag, guillemot, redshank, and razorbill, and plants like Hare’s-foot trefoil, sea fescue, sea spleenwort, vernal squill, and frog orchid found due to weathered rock formations.

  1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

While traveling to the Great Barrier Reef or Queensland Australia, it is the most favorite spot of the tourists. This picturesque beach is accessible only by boat, seaplane or helicopter. Once you reach there, you will enjoy the white silica sand beach along with lush green foliage, rugged hills, and turquoise water as far as your eyes can catch the view. Boaters love the natural surroundings over here which compel them to drop the anchor and swim.

  1. Tortuga Bay Beach – Galapagos, Ecuador

This pristine beach of talcum-soft sand is on the southern coast of Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. It is just perfect for sunbath not only for the humans but marine iguanas, sea lions, also swim ashore to enjoy the sunrays. You have to walk one and a half mile to be friendly with these fearless animals. There are also sea turtles; sally light-foot crabs-bright red, blue-footed boobies and frigate birds.

  1. Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Rated as the second most beautiful beach in the world by the Discovery Channel, the Flamenco Beach is also one of the most popular beaches and located in a campground. This wide-spread beach continues through the bay. Here you can easily avail umbrellas, paddleboards, and watercraft from the beach vendors. You can swim, hike, camp, picnic, and enjoy to the fullest while on this beautiful beach.

  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is Bermuda’s famous crescent-shaped beach. You can also walk on the cliff-top trails above it for the sightseeing, and that is a must. It is probably the best thing to do in this picturesque beach in Southampton parish enjoying sunning and splashing. The towels, boogie boards, and snorkel gears are readily available on the beach. The best time to visit is from November to March to enjoy the pale-pink sand, crystal blue water with snacks and a cocktail at the on-site café. Bermuda has become one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world says Alexander M, Charter Broker, Cosmos Yachting.

  1. Shoal Bay East, Anguilla

Shoal Bay East stands at the top out of the thirty-three sugar white beaches of Anguilla considering the lively ambiance of the beach. There are bars and restaurants in this strand that indulge the travelers with upbeat Anguillan music, drinks, tasty seafood and barbecue along with the most awaited dip in the clear turquoise sea.  If you manage to walk 2 miles crossing “the bend,” you can get to experience vast expanse of feathery white sand glittering in the sun and the spectacular views covering the Upper Shoal Bay and Lower Shoal Bay.

  1. South Beach – Miami, Florida

The south beach of Miami is the most charming beach for its dazzling Art Deco skyline, the rainbow. The soft and white sand and warm aquamarine water make the beach favorite for everybody and remains crowded with tourists, models and artists, athletes and of course locals round the year. Under the brilliant sunshine, all you have to do is just put on the sunglass, and you can ogle at bikinis and Speedos, brazen tattoos, and more.

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