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Revealed: The World’s Top 15 Most Priciest Cities For Airbnb Listings In 2018

Miami and Boston took the top two spots in the average daily cost of lodging in private dwellings, according to the latest Bloomberg index. Renting an apartment through the private dwelling app in those cities will set travelers back $205 and $195 respectively.

With $194 a night, Reykjavik in Iceland been named the third most expensive city in the world for Airbnb listings, followed by Tel Aviv ($188 a night) and Dubai ($185 a night).

Los Angeles and Amsterdam come in at 6th; while Amsterdam and San Francisco (joint 7th), Jerusalem and Sydney (joint 8th), Riyadh (9th); and Edinburgh in the UK (10th) also feature.

These are the world’s top 15 most expensive cities for Airbnb listings in 2018:

1. Miami, Florida, US ($205 a night)
2. Boston, Massachusetts, US ($195 a night)
3. Reykjavik, Iceland ($194 a night)
4. Tel Aviv, Israel ($188 a night)
5. Dubai, U.A.E. ($185 a night)

6. Los Angeles, California, US ($180 a night)
7. Amsterdam, Netherlands ($178 a night)
=7. San Francisco, California ($178 a night)
8. Jerusalem, Israel ($175 a night)
=8. Sydney, Australia ($175 a night)
9. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ($171 a night)
10. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK ($166 a night)

11. New York City, New York, US ($159 a night)
12. Seattle, Washington, US ($156 a night)
13. Kuwait City, Kuwait ($155 a night)
14. London, England, UK ($154 a night)
=14. Singapore ($154 a night)
15. Washington, D.C., US ($153 a night)

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