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Lawyers of Distinction Creates Brand Value in the Increasingly Competitive Legal Market

Memberships of vanity and marketing organizations like Super Lawyers, AVVO, and Lawyers of Distinction (L.O.D.) are fast becoming the most sought-after ambition for U.S. lawyers in order to add credibility as a professional and to create an instant brand recall. The rigorous selection processes of these agencies also help attorneys proclaim a premier status. The sheer surplus of lawyers in the U.S. today makes it vital for law practitioners to build their brand and stand out. As an effective way to create individual brand value more and more American lawyers are seeking memberships of external marketing organizations.

Experts predict 23,500 jobs a year for law professionals in America, whereas 46,000 new attorneys graduated from different law schools of the country last year. Again, with big firms, like Dewey & LeBoeuf going under and the likes of Thacher Proffitt & Wood getting downsized, it’s now apparent that the legal profession in the country is facing hard times. Simple calculations reveal that there is one lawyer for every 300 people. Taking into account all job openings at the corporate, government and non-profit level, it can be said that the market will not be able to sustain the excess numbers, leaving many to scramble for cases and clients.

Establishing a brand identity is now indispensable for American attorneys to remain relevant, and as is evident from recently published reports, lawyers in the U.S. have spent 68% more in advertisement over the last decade and are likely to spend about $892 million this year. From the internet and social media to mobile device, the law professionals are getting more and more aggressive in their efforts to reach out to the potential clients.

While self-advertising is often expensive, membership of external agencies like is a smart and economic way for brand promotion and creating a coveted professional distinctiveness. These organizations are especially focused on the promotion of member attorneys and in doing so undertake several brand building exercises throughout the year.

“Year-round press announcements and online activities publicizing the names of members are most effective in promoting lawyers and attorneys. Social media being the most powerful tool for promotion today, dynamic social media presence of members in Facebook and Twitter are adding further edge to the profiles,” shared Jason Brodsky, Founder of Lawyers of Distinction.

Membership lists are announced all over America by these agencies through different bar journals including The National Bar Journal, the Trial Magazine and through several other channels. Promotion through multiple channels ensures greater visibility of the members both at the legal corridors and amongst common people of the country. The multi-pronged strategy also guarantees the best ROI for the members.

Over the years these agencies have facilitated a growth platform through multi-pronged approach. The client reviews included in the profiles of members give an extra impetus. Besides, being a member helps lawyers enhance search rankings while adding reputation and reliability to their identities.

“A new online search feature which enables general public locate the right kind of lawyers and attorneys, is an added boost to our members, as they are now directly accessible to anyone seeking legal counsel or looking for retaining quality representation,” informed Brodsky

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