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12 Of The Top 50 Smart City Governments In The World Are In The United States, 2018 Rankings

The British capital, London has notched the first place in Top-50 Smart City Governments in the world leaving behind many developed cities like Shanghai, Paris, Seoul, Toronto and San Francisco, according to Eden Strategy Institute, the Singapore-based social innovation consultancy. Twelve of the top 50 smart cities in the world are in the US

Singapore ranked second worldwide regarding smart city governance, followed by Seoul in South Korea (3rd), New York (4th), and the Finnish capital Helsinki (5nd). The top-ten list is completed by Montreal (6th), Boston (7th), Melbourne (8th), Barcelona (9th), and Shanghai (10th).

What makes cities smarter?

Smart cities aim to provide a better and more connected life for their citizens and make themselves more sustainable and efficient.

About the ranking?

A total of 140 cities of all sizes from around the world were analyzed based on existing smart city rankings. Each city was then given a score of 1 to 3 across 10 dimensions considered key to being a smart: vision, leadership that steers smart city projects, budget for projects, financial incentives to private sectors (e.g. grants, rebates, subsidies, competitions) , support programmes (e.g. incubators, events, networks), policy environment (e.g. data governance, IP protection, urban design), innovation ecosystem, people-centricity (people-first design of the future city), and talent readiness, and the government’s track record in catalyzing successful smart city initiatives. You can view the full study here.

The Top 50 Smart City Governments In The World In 2018:

1. London, United Kingdom
2. Singapore
3. Seoul, South Korea
4. New York, United States
5. Helsinki, Finland
6. Montreal, Canada
7. Boston, United States
8. Melbourne, Australia
9. Barcelona, Spain
10. Shanghai, China

11. San Francisco, United States
12. Vienna, Austria
13. Amsterdam, Netherlands
14. Shenzhen, China
15. Stockholm, Sweden
16. Taipei, Taiwan
17. Chicago, United States
18. Seattle, United States
18. Hong Kong
20. Charlotte, United States

21. Vancouver, Canada
21. Washington, DC, United States
23. New Delhi, India
24. Copenhagen, Denmark
25. Columbus, United States
26. Los Angeles, United States
27. Surat, India
28. Tokyo, Japan
29. Berlin, Germany
30. Beijing, China

31. Sydney, Australia
32. Ahmedabad, India
32. Bhubaneswar, India
34. Jaipur, India
35. Atlanta, United States
36. Pune, India
37. Wellington, New Zealand
38. Kansas City, United States
39. Toronto, Canada
40. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

41. Dublin, Ireland
42. Tel Aviv, Israel
43. Philadelphia, United States
44. Reykjavik, Iceland
45. Lyon, France
46. Paris, France
47. Jakarta, Indonesia
48. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
49. Phuket, Thailand
50. Kigali, Rwanda

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