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A definitive ranking of the 18 top universities in the United Kingdom, 2019

The University of Oxford hopped up 1 spot to finish in 5th place internationally and number 1 among the top universities in the United Kingdom, according to the latest ranking from Quacquarelli Symonds. Oxford swapped places with arch-rival Cambridge to rank first in the U.K. for 2019.

Retaining its position of 8th in the world, Imperial College London is UK’s third highest-ranked institution this year, beating the likes of the University College London and the University of Edinburgh.

Globally, the top 3 universities are based in the United States — the MIT remains the best university in the world, and the remaining positions on the podium occupied by Stanford and Harvard.

Here are the 18 most popular universities in the United Kingdom

18. University of St Andrews, came in at 97th on the list of the world’s top universities.
17. University of Southampton, came in 96th place globally.
16. University of Leeds, reached 93rd place overall.

15. University of Nottingham, finished 82nd.
14. University of Birmingham, ended up in 79th position globally.
13. The University of Sheffield, has jumped up eight spots on the world leaderboard, came in 75th place overall.
12. Durham University, has climbed to 74th position out of the world’s leading universities.
11. University of Glasgow, ended up in 69th position globally.

10. The University of Warwick, climbed its way to 54th position overall.
9. University of Bristol, fell seven places to finish in 51st place.
8. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), dropped 3 places overall to finish in 38th place.
7. King’s College London, fell 8 places globally to finish in 31st place.
6. The University of Manchester, climbed 5 ranks in the world leaderboard to reach 29th place.

5. The University of Edinburgh, made its way up into 18th position in the overall standings.
4. UCL (University College London), dropped down 3 places to finish 10th.
3. Imperial College London, came 8th on the world leaderboard.
2. University of Cambridge, slipped down one position and ended up 6th in global rankings
1. University of Oxford, has climbed one place since last year and finished 5th globally.

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