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Decor ideas for a productive office

If you run a business, then you will know how key it is that staff are productive. This not only means that you are getting value for what you pay them but that they also help the business to succeed. It will also mean that your staff are spending more time dealing with customers, rather than doing other things.

Unfortunately, the design of some offices can actually harm productivity. If you are looking for some simple and quick ways to deal with this as an effective company CEO, then the below should help. 

How to use interior design within your office 

You may be surprised at just what a large effect the way your office is designed and furnished has on your employees. In fact, it has a massive impact on how they feel about the company and also how much work they get done.

Here are some great décor ideas to boost productivity in your office:

  • Use color wisely – most people know that certain colors can affect your mood, but it has been found that they can also affect productivity. The key here is to know that different colors will get different results – blue stimulates the mind, yellow inspires creativity, red is good for high-energy action, and green is calming. Decorate the different spaces in your office with the right color for the type of work that goes on there.
  • Shutters – window shutters are a great tip as they will stop your staff getting distracted by the sun shining in their eyes or simply from staring out of the window too much! The installation of great-looking and good-quality window shutters will help create an environment where they are able to work to their full potential.

  • Think about plants – it has been found in many studies that office plants are great to make your staff more happy and productive. The plants will help to filter bacteria and impurities out of the air, thus giving your employees more energy to perform. It will also cut the number of days that staff have off sick.
  • Ditch open-plan – this goes against the current design trends in offices where open-plan spaces are seen as the solution to all woes. However, many feel that open-plan spaces are bad for productivity. It seems that people are generally less likely to collaborate in these environments due to a lack of privacy. The other issue with open-plan offices is that they offer too many distractions to workers, which stops them from getting on with their job!

Office design plays a key role  

You may think that as long as staff have a desk, chair, PC and phone, the rest of the office space doesn’t really matter. As the above shows though, this is simply not true! When running a business or leading an office, the actual office design can make a massive impact on how much work gets done. Try to put a few of the above tips into effect and see just what a big difference they make.

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