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Business Protection For Beauty Salons

Who doesn’t like to look good? Everyone does. A lot of people turn to beauty salons to keep themselves up to date and this is why the beauty industry has crossed the $46 billion mark and is expected to grow at a massive rate for the next few years as well.

A lot of people are earning a sound income by running a beauty salon business and giving services like haircuts, hair colors, facials, manicure, pedicure, etc. While running a salon business is easy, it is not entirely free from mishaps as things can go wrong. These include damage to shops, products, and clients as well.

Here’s what you need to protect your beauty salon business and consider a good Beauty Salon Cover. Let’s get to know more about the kinds of insurance that are available to salon businesses.

General Liability Insurance

You need this type of insurance to safeguard not just your employees but clients as well.

Since sharp tools are used to give pedicure and manicure, cuts or bodily injuries may occur. Other injuries are also possible such as burns due to the use of hot water during facials and other such jobs.

The point is that there are many potential hazards in a place like the beauty salon and one must consider insurance coverage. Here’s where general liability insurance walks in. This type of insurance guards you against all such damages as they cannot be avoided entirely, but you should, of course, be careful. 

Professional Liability Insurance

Running a beauty salon isn’t a one-man job. You hire employees to treat customers and need people for management as well. Since general liability insurance doesn’t cover for employees, you need professional liability insurance.

A lot can go wrong. An employee might get injured or cause damage to a client due to poor service. Moreover, customers might catch an allergy due to the use of specific products. All this can cause severe damage to the business, which is why you should opt for insurance coverage so that you are covered in case your customers decided to file a lawsuit against you.

Professional liability insurance for beauty salons can be bought between $500 to $700 per year; however, the cost depends on several factors including the size of your business and the nature of services that you provide.

Product Liability Insurance

Customers often ask for product recommendations from experts at a beauty salon. While you may give a suggestion based on your best judgment, you can never be sure of how it would work for a customer. At times things may backfire, and you might end up in hot water.

Other than this, the products that you use on a customer might also malfunction. This may be due to several reasons such as manufacturing fault, chemical imbalance etc.

But whatever the reason this type of insurance covers you against damage caused due to problems with the products used, hence you should get it if you plan on starting a salon business.

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