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Here are the world’s top 25 most competitive and influential cities: 2018 A.T. Kearney report

It’s no surprise that San Francisco is still the best city in the world for innovation, that’s according to a new report from business-consulting firm AT Kearney. The Bay Area is home to a number of high-growth companies, including Salesforce, Apple, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Cisco Systems, Intel, Facebook, Google, and Uber.

Home of U.S. President Donald Trump, Wall Street, and the United Nations, New York remains the world’s second most competitive and influential city, followed by London, Paris, and Singapore.

The firm ranks 135 cities based on global standing and influence, as well as their potential for importance in the future. The Global Cities Outlook – put together by US management consulting firm AT Kearney – evaluates the future potential of a city based on the rate of change for 13 leading metrics across four parameters: personal well-being, economics, innovation and governance.

Here are the world’s top 25 most competitive and influential cities:

25. Vienna, Austria
24. Washington, D.C., USA
23. Copenhagen
22. Brussels, Belgium
21. Montreal, Canada

20. Moscow, Russia
19. Sydney, Australia
18. Berlin, Germany
17. Vancouver, Canada
16. Geneva, Switzerland

15. Chicago
14. Tokyo, Japan
13. Zurich
12. Toronto, Canada
11. Stockholm

10. Melbourne, Australia
9. Houston, USA
8. Boston, USA
7. Munich, Germany
6. Amsterdam

5. Singapore
4. Paris, France
3. London, United Kingdom
2. New York, USA
1. San Francisco, USA

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