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Countries With The Highest (And Lowest) Levels Of Healthcare Access And Quality, 2018 Study

Iceland ranks number one among 195 countries in terms of healthcare quality and accessibility, according to the Global Burden of Disease study. The index, published by the esteemed scientific journal The Lancet, gave Iceland a score of 97.1 out of 100.

A comprehensive review process looked at nearly 32 causes of death preventable through proper medical care. Based on this, each of the 195 countries was scored between 0-100.

Countries with the highest levels of healthcare quality and accessibility in 2016 were Iceland (97.1 points), Norway (96.6), the Netherlands (96.1), Luxembourg (96.0), and Finland and Australia (each with 95.9).

The countries with the lowest levels of health care quality and accessibility in 2016 were the Central African Republic (18.6), Somalia (19.0), Guinea-Bissau (23.4), Chad (25.4), and Afghanistan (25.9).

On the one hand, India ranked 145th, behind its neighbors like China (48th), Sri Lanka (71st), Bangladesh (133rd), and Bhutan (144th). India scored a total of 41.2 out of 100 (up from 24.7 in 1990) – its health index was better than those of Nepal (149th), Pakistan (154th) and Afghanistan (191st).

Here are the top 5 countries that scored the highest.

1. Iceland (97.1 points)
2. Norway (96.6 points)
3. The Netherlands (96.1 points)
4. Luxembourg (96.0 points)
5. Finland (95.9 points)
5. Australia (95.9 points)

Here are the top 5 countries that scored the lowest.

1. Central African Republic (18.6 points)
2. Somalia (19.0 points)
3. Guinea-Bissau (23.4 points)
4. Chad (25.4 points)
5. Afghanistan (25.9 points)

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