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World’s Top 25 Universities For Global Research Quality: Leiden Ranking 2018

Harvard University has been recognized as the top university in the world for global research quality in the 2018 CWTS Leiden Ranking, covering more than 938 research-intensive institutions from 55 countries.

During 2013-2016, using fractional counting Harvard contributed 33,045 publications (highest) in recognised journals — which places Harvard number one globally.

Harvard was closely followed by the University of Toronto in Canada, at No. 2, with 22,151 publications; Zhejiang University (China), at No. 3, with 20,876 publications; Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), at No. 4, with 20,406 publications; and the University of Michigan (US), at No. 5, with 18,348 publications.

Tsinghua University, Johns Hopkins University, University of São Paulo, Seoul National University, and Stanford University rounded out the top ten performers. The United States had 9 universities in the top 25 based on the quantity of research that they produce.

Well, Harvard is consistently ranked highly in both national and international rankings. Harvard has maintained its position as one of the best universities worldwide. It ranks third in the “best universities in the world for 2018” list by the CEOWORLD magazine. Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj, a rankings expert from the CEOWORLD magazine, said the 2018 Leiden ranking confirmed the depth and strength of the American university research system.

Conducted by the Center for Science and Technology Studies of Leiden University in The Netherlands, the ranking measures the impact of research publications and collaborations of universities around the world and is based on Web of Science indexed publications.

World’s top 25 universities for global research quality:

1. Harvard University, United States
Publications: 33,045

2. University of Toronto, Canada
Publications: 22,151

3. Zhejiang University, China
Publications: 20,876

4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Publications: 20,406

5. University of Michigan, United States
Publications: 18,348

6. Tsinghua University, China
Publications: 16,929

7. Johns Hopkins University, United States
Publications: 16,831

8. University of São Paulo, Brazil
Publications: 16,120

9. Seoul National University, South Korea
Publications: 15,468

10. Stanford University, United States
Publications: 15,364

11. Peking University, China
Publications: 15,182

12. University of Tokyo, Japan
Publications: 14,893

13. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Publications: 14,505

14. University of Washington, United States
Publications: 14,446

15. University College London, United Kingdom
Publications: 14,203

16. University of California, Los Angeles, United States
Publications: 13,751

17. Fudan University, China
Publications: 13,512

18. Sichuan University, China
Publications: 13,436

19. University of Pennsylvania, United States
Publications: 13,301

20. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Publications: 13,141

21. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Publications: 13,103

22. University of British Columbia, Canada
Publications: 12,711

23. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, United States
Publications: 12,487

24. University of Wisconsin – Madison, United States
Publications: 12,465

25. Jilin University, China
Publications: 12,392

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