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These Are America’s Top 17 Cities With The Best Quality of Life for 2018

In a ranking that is dominated by European cities, the Austrian capital Vienna has been ranked as the city with the best quality of life in the world, that’s according to Mercer’s Quality of Living survey 2018. So, what is happening in the United States?

Not a single U.S. city even comes close to making the top 20.

If you’re looking at the most liveable U.S. cities, you will have to scroll pretty far; the first U.S. city ranked is San Francisco, coming in at No. 30, with Boston trailing behind, at No. 35, followed by Honolulu at No. 36.

San Francisco (No. 30) is the highest ranking US city, followed by Boston (No. 35), Honolulu (No. 36), Seattle (No. 44), and New York (No. 45). Which city do you think is more liveable?

These Are America’s Top 17 Cities With The Best Quality of Life for 2018

  1. San Francisco, CA (Global rank: 30)
  2. Boston, MA (Global rank: 35)
  3. Honolulu, HI (Global rank:. 36)
  4. Seattle, WA (Global rank: 44)
  5. New York (Global rank: 45)

  6. Chicago, IL (Global rank: 47)
  7. Washington, DC (Global rank: 48)
  8. Philadelphia, PA (Global rank: 50)
  9. Pittsburgh, PA (Global rank: 55)
  10. Minneapolis, MN (Global rank: 61)
  11. Dallas, TX (Global rank: 62)
  12. Atlanta, GA (Global rank: 63)
  13. Los Angeles, CA (Global rank: 64 – tie)

  14. Houston, TX (Global rank: 64 – tie)
  15. Miami, FL (Global rank: 64 – tie)

  16. St. Louis, MO (Global rank: 70)
  17. Detroit, MI (Global rank: 71)

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