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How to Find your lost loved ones Online?

The Internet is amazing for many things, and one of the most important ones is the fact that it can provide us all the information we need. This is also true when it comes to finding a person.

It is not unusual to want to find a person, especially if we are talking about someone you lost contact with.

However, it might be hard to get started if you haven’t done this before. This is why we are here today to share some tips with you. Keep these in things in mind the next time you are looking for a person, and the results should be the ones you want.

Don’t spend any money

If you take a look online, you will see that there are plenty of websites and services that claim they could help you in exchange for a sum of money. Don’t trust them. Paid services rarely do what they promise, and you will end up wasting money.

You should also avoid sharing any personal information. Many of those sites are in fact scams, and you should avoid them at all costs. While there are a few valid ones, you should be extra careful.

Different search engines

You might think that Google is enough, but this is not true. Keep in mind that different search engines show different results. This means that you might be able to find something on a search engine, despite the fact that it did not show up on another.

Family Tree Now

People search is an activity that requires all sorts of data. Information about someone’s family can be very valuable. Family Tree Now is a website that has become quite controversial becomes it shares a lot of personal information about different persons. You will be able to find phone numbers and birth dates. More than that, you don’t have to pay any fee for this website and registration is not needed either.

Public records

Public records could offer you some of the details you need. They are great when it comes to public or historical information and you can also track them online.


This is an unfortunate scenario, but sometimes obituaries can provide the information that you need. It can be trickier to find them because they are usually published in local newspapers, and those are harder to find online. However, this does not mean that it is impossible.


Facebook is underrated when it comes to people search. Since almost everyone has a Facebook account nowadays, it is very likely that you will find the person you want there. You should also know that Facebook has some useful search tools that you can use. For example, you can use the name of a person and the company he or she is working at. Facebook is also great if you want to find other things. You can use it to search an organization, a company or even a brand. Not to mention the fact that Facebook is also available for free.

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