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Essential tools for improving workforce communications

You always have to be on top of data flow in your workplace, and sometimes a massive influx of data can trigger harmful effects rather than beneficial ones. Thankfully there are a lot of allies that we have in order to better control the data flow between companies and employees. Such a helping hand is offered by a Workforce Communications Platform because it has the power to improve communications and engagement among others.

But, before anything else, it’s good to learn a thing or two about improving workplace communication. Here are three key things you have to know.

Streamline communications

Information is pretty useless if you don’t know how to prioritize. Too much content can become an issue and for instance, building an efficient way to receive said content could trigger problems, not to mention internal resources such as the firm Intranets. Statistics say that only about 13% of employees visit the company Intranets daily. It’s a pity because these are great opportunities for brands to learn what works best for their teams. The same study shows that 75% of employees feel that they’re missing information and 90% say that the Intranet is not useful.

Considering that devices are now becoming similar to walking notifications and this means that they could turn out really useful for resolving this issue.

Using the appropriate tools

Using the right tools can lead to success, and we all know this. But how do companies identify these ideal tools? As we already said at the beginning of the article, a workforce communications platform is such a tool to enhance employees’ abilities.  Unfortunately, today, the high need for supportive company-focused communication tools is not met. Statistics show a 56% demand and the actual supply for this demand is only 17%.

Smaller companies also use tools such as Google Hangouts, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.

Mobile is both a necessity and a priority

In today’s world mobile is life. American mobile users spend about 87 hours each month on their mobile devices. A mobile platform will provide accessibility all over the place, and this makes it much easier to stay connected to employees out of office or the ones working remotely for instance.

Another essential communication element is making sure that your reach is effective. In other words, it’s not enough to send mass messages to your employees you also have to make sure that they’re formatted appropriately for all devices, and this includes mobile as well.

Mobile is the current, and the future medium and leaders should take this into consideration and start implementing mobile-friendly workplaces if they haven’t already.

There are only a few of the essential means to improve workforce communication.

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