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Learning matters more than education

The place of education in our lives: Education is an essential part of every person’s life; it allows you to move forward and succeed. It develops self-confidence, gives skills, and knowledge helps to form an individual. The sanctuary of school plays the most important role in human life, as you’re studying the basic knowledge of reading, writing, counting and communicating, with which you will be guided during all your life. Education can be primary, secondary and higher. Studying in every educational institution has its meaning and undeniable advantages. Primary studying provides a basic base that helps throughout your life, the average prepares the way for further study, and the higher gives way to the future for a lifetime.

Is there any higher education you need, and whether it’s a plus when you get a job? And is it compulsory to spend 4-6 years on study, or it’s better to spend this time on self-improvement or learn the stuff you’re interested in? In this article, we’ll try to explain to you that it’s completely possible to achieve success without education, as learning matters more.

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more obvious, that learning matters more than education. We can observe it everywhere: at work, at home, in business, in our daily lives. It’s not enough to have good enlightenment, the most important is to have extensive knowledge in the certain field.

Learning matters more because it’s wisdom.

Learning is the most important component of human life. Without it, we would not be able even to write or read, count simple numbers, know the basic safety techniques and the rules of the road. It’s difficult to imagine the existence of a person on Earth without learning, as it has existed even in ancient times. Then, of course, everything was completely different, but the sense was the same: to bring the accumulated knowledge to the descendants. It’s an integral part of our lives, and it’s impossible to live without it.

There is a difference between education and learning, which we associated with wisdom. Being well-educated is, for sure, good: it’s important to study well at school, read good books and watch movies that have a sparkle of mind. But we emphasize that wisdom matters more. Firstly, it’s the ability to make the right decisions in life. A wise person is well acquainted with knowledge and can apply it in practice. That means that the field of learning is wider than the sphere of education. After all, education is just a process of getting knowledge, forming a personality.

Secondly, usually, we can observe how uneducated people, in some cases, are wiser than educated. They behave softer, smarter and more humanely. That all is a result of good learning.

Guaranties of successful learning.

It is always necessary to study for the realization of your dream. The love of reading, which is the key to successful learning in the future, has been implanted to children since the early years. At first, parents turn over the child’s printed publications with pictures to interest them and read the lines printed on each page, and after a while, the child begins to show interest in reading books independently.

No doubt that those who have received a good education, because they sought it, dragged on to knowledge, are very good at learning. Education should be not a plastic diploma, but the level of human development. You can get a good education at a college, but you can sit in a chair at the university for five years, without making any effort to study or become smarter.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Learning matters more than education
Jessica Todd Swift
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