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How to Retain a Happy and Productive Team

Does your organisation find it hard to retain staff for a long period of time?  Having a happy and productive team will help you to retain your staff and ensure that their current role within your company is not just a quick stop over until they can find something better to do. While leadership was once simply about being an authoritative figure, in today’s fast-paced business world this is no longer enough and instead, you need to look at yourself as nurturing talent.

Here, we are taking you through a number of different ways in which you can retain a happy and productive team. 

Nurture Your Team

A good leader knows to put the collective goal at the forefront and see it as a team project rather than an individual project in which they can claim all the glory. A big failure for many team leader’s is that they take on too much of the work themselves instead of spotting talent within their team and designating specific tasks to them that they will be able to grow with and hone their skills. You should know about managing a team that they need support and for you to guide them towards achieving their goals, giving them a sense of purpose within the company and ensuring that they feel valued. Remember, without these key members, you have no team! It is a good idea to identify team member’s strengths early on to ensure that you are not designating tasks to them that they will not enjoy and won’t put 100% effort into.

“At the end of each week, talk to your team and decide together what you’re all going to work on next week” – Roy Man – CEO Monday.com

When you designate tasks to employees based on their skills and what they can progress in, you are more likely to ignite their passion! An easy way to designate tasks to your employees is through a software management system such as monday.com which allows you to assign tasks, keep tabs on projects and ensure that deadlines are met, resulting in a happy team who focuses on the end successful project.

Be A Team Player

Carrying on from this previous point, it is important that every team member is giving the project their all to ensure that they thrive. As the team leader, it is your job to keep spirits lifted and encourages a positive, can do attitude within the team. There should never be one person not pulling their weight in a team and everyone should be held accountable for delivering on plans.

Give Compliments 

Have you ever worked in an office in which the staff were not too friendly towards you? Or maybe they ignored you altogether? If you have, then you will know this horrible feeling! When you work in a team environment, it is important that you never make other people in your team feel small. People can be very quick to pick up on other’s mistakes and gout of their way to correct them, while on the flip side, great work can tend to go unpraised. No matter what your seniority is within a company, everyone likes to feel appreciated and enjoys gratitude for the hard work that they have put into a task. No one likes a person who points out every mistake but forgets to say ‘good job.’ Just a simply thank you, or I appreciate your help can really go a long way in inspiring and motivating your team.

If a member of the team has made a mistake, it is also important that you handle the situation appropriately. Remind the team that mistakes are fine as each one is a learning curve and it should only be a problem if it continues to happen on a recurring basis. You’ll need to watch your mode of delivery here if you need to address a mistake someone has made or if you need to provide some constructive criticism.

An easy way in which you can give feedback is to start with what the personal is really good at. Compliment the work that they do really well and then move onto the areas that could do with some improvement. A wise man once said “people search for meaning. Knowing the high level goals gives meaning to the tasks”. You can then discuss tips on how to improve on these areas that are lacking and then finish with positive feedback about how much you like working with them. We would recommend that you refrain from using any words such as ‘but’ or ‘however’ as this can be seen as overriding a compliment when you are in sensitive territory. It is also important that you come armed with suggestions when you request to give someone feedback, as providing a solution will help them to grow more quickly. This is a far better way to deal with problems rather than simply pointing fingers with no positive solutions. Here, we are trying to move away from an attack and focus on providing support to keep your team happy and productive.

Know Your Team

Did you know that statistics show people who have a close friend at work are roughly 7x more likely to be engaged with their work? If you know your team members on a personal level, then you will appreciate them far more as a person and any team projects are easier to carry out. Through this communication, trust is built, and you will trust their actions and decisions better. Smaller issues that may once have offended you will become water off a duck’s back, allowing you to focus on completing the project at hand.

Now that you are an expert in keeping your team happy and productive, it is time to put everything that you have learned to good use. Implement these suggestions into your daily working life and watch as your team flourish and grow with the company over a longer period of time! You can also let us know if you have any other tips to help you retain your staff and keep them happy in your place of work.

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