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Should You Really Allow Your Kids To Use Mobile Apps?

Kids app looks really cute with funky cartoon characters, bubbly colors, sweet noises but it’s actually a disguise in blessing. It keeps your kids hooked and allows you to do other works without them hindering you. That is one of the best things that lure you to handover the apps in your kid’s app. Really, can be that selfish? Just for the sake of your little bit of peace of mind, you are letting your child be an app addict. Apps are not just the apps, they are like drugs addiction of which can kill your kids (creativity, active nature, and spontaneity).

Based on one of the research, 5855 apps in the Play Store accumulated personally identifiable data and transferred it over the internet. Now, the data transferred is nondelegable and can track a kids activity.

These apps were not just by unpopular mobile app development company but consist some of the big names like Disney. However, Disney stated that they had not violated any law and have specified policies for Disney apps.

This brings the question of law, isn’t there any law for the protection of kids privacy? Yes, we do have a law enforced in such matters named Coppa which mentioned that app will need parental permission before accumulating kids data and can’t share at any other platform without prior permission. But, the question is who follows it?

The non-follow of kids privacy law and no legitimate action against it puts the parents under pressure whether to take a risk and allow their kids to access these apps or not? Let’s weigh the possible pros and cons and see which side leans more and then get to the conclusion.

1) Educational Perspective

At our times, schools were the initial stage to learn the alphabets, numbers, poems, learning fruit and names, identifying animals, and such other initial learning things. At present, the kids are already in the know of all the above-mentioned things before even entering the play school with the help of mobile apps. With the increased trend of iPad app development, toddlers are already acquainted with its use and learned all play school syllabus. Just because technology has some fallout doesn’t keep us apart from accepting its outstanding benefits.

2) Screen Time

Kids are supposed to spend their time in the open ground mingling with kids of their age, breathing natural air and doing outdoor activities. What are they doing instead? They are holding a mobile, tablet or iPad, sleeping or sitting lazily on the couch and stuck their eyes in that screen. This really kills their active nature, their joy of exploring outside world and their personality to develop. So, watch out for your kid before they become app maniac.

3) Privacy Breach

When your fingers touch the screen, your privacy waves goodbye to your hand. Even if your kid is accessing a safe and trustworthy app, your privacy is still in question. If your trustworthy app is connected to a third party software through SDK, chances are there your personal information can land anywhere and can be accessed by anyone having any intention. Risky isn’t it?

4) Smart at Small Age

Tech is always a smart way to be smart. Kids of this generation are having knowledge much more than we used to have in our times. Mobile apps are not merely for games, kids can watch educational videos, improve maths and calculations, and empower their general knowledge. There are things which your kids know and you don’t which will make them smarter than you at times. All these because of mobile apps.

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